Frequency of False Positive Amphetamine Screens due to Bupropion Using the Syva Emit II Immunoassay


Pre-employment drug testing

Employment drug screens and wellbutrin

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By hope2bhappierNovember 30, in Wellbutrin bupropion. I was offered a job contingent upon a drug test. I just happened to start budeprion sr mg on the same day I took the test. Is this going to show up positive for drugs? I get conflicting info. I do know they check for perscriptions for example someone who abuses hydrocodone. Antibiotics and gastritis and side effect am very employment drug screens and wellbutrin because I really need this job.

I am not aware of any restrictions on legitimate prescription meds, unless they could interfere with the operation of employment drug screens and wellbutrin equipment. I think you are just making yourself uncomfortabe. If you were to get a neg. But I doubt this will ever come up. Bupropion metabolites erythro-hydrobupropion and threo-hydrobupropion, which have a phenethylamine structure resembling amphetamine are likely to have been responsible for this reaction.

More specific follow-up tests were negative, employment drug screens and wellbutrin. If you get a false-positive, more specific testing will clear things up. Employment drug screening is for the purpose of finding out if the person isusing illicit drugs.

No, it will not show up. I work in this area of expertise. We test for all drugs of abuse and "street" drugs. If any of the opiates, benzos or amphetamines pop, we verify that the person has a valid, current prescription for something like this. We do not get any false-positives with Wellbutrin. Hope this helps and good luck in your new job! Thank you so much. I would like to keep that private from my future employer. In my experience, I would have to say yes, if you have to have a pre-employment physical.

Tell the doctor or PA your medical history. It is kept confident and also protects your job if you have a crisis in the future and need to take off.

All of this is contingent on if the place of employment has an adequate illness or time-off policy. In other words, only disclose to a health care provider during a pre-employment physical, employment drug screens and wellbutrin. Good luck in finding a job! Hello, I take Efexor 75mg and find that it controls my depression. I am applying for a new job that has a policy of compulsory random urine drug testing.

Wikipedia states that Efexor may cause a false positive being mistaken for PCP. Has anyone had any experience with urine drug testing and Efexor? Then show them your prescription.

If you get turned down because of Effexor or depression, and neither impairs your ability to do the job, then they employment drug screens and wellbutrin in violation of the Americans With Disabilites Act. If you are taking a prescribed medication and can verify that by either physician note or prescription bottle, then you have not a thing to worry about. Again, you would be disclosing this only in a pre-employment medical screening setting; not to your supervisor or manager, that would raise a red flag for me.

I highly doubt that there is anyplace in the U. Even if Human Resources is coordinating the testing, it is still considered medically confidential information. She noted it in my health record and that was it. Protects my job if I wig out and covers the hospital if I really go postal employment drug screens and wellbutrin kidding. So, here is how it goes for legal or pre-employment; we perform the basic quantitative drug screen.

There is a cut-off value established depending on the methodology and if the result falls below this cut-off value, we report as negative. If above the cut-off value, we repeat it.

If it pops again, we perform spectrophotometry on the pee for whatever drug popped and that will tell us exactly what you put in your body. Spectrophotometry will clarify any potential false-positives obtained on preliminary testing. I work for my local government and drug screening is a routine part of the pre-employment process.

Also, we are all subject to random drug tests. But before you actually go and give a urine sample, you are given a questionnaire asking you to list what meds you take both prescription and over the counter and when was the last time you took them. As the others said, as long as you have a valid prescription you will have no problem. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Employment drug screens and wellbutrin