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If this is incorrect, please change your location. John International The Order of St. During a disaster, your home may be damaged to the point where it is no longer safe for you to remain inside. Depending on the nature of the disaster you may be able to set up camp in a safe area in your yard. In some situations you may be required to evacuate your neighbourhood. Having an emergency preparedness plan for your family for emergencies and natural disasters helps to removes anxiety for your family.

Here is a sample family evacuation plan B Review the list and add any steps you or your family need to include in the event that you are forced to evacuate your home, emergency response and evacuation plan sample. Identify two escape routes from each room. List equipment such as ropes or ladders that you will need in order to evacuate safely from a second storey or higher.

Reuniting with your family: Run several practice rounds so that the information is ingrained into both your mental and muscle memories. Ask that they put a copy in their cottonwood trees and allergy backpacks, send a copy to their email and download a copy to their portable flash drives. Inside Your House Where would you like your family to meet if there is an emergency such as a tornado or a shelter-in-place situation?

Directly Outside Your House In the event of fire or earthquake that require immediate evacuation, pick a meeting place outside your house but not next to it. The mailbox, a tree in the front yard, the sidewalk, or the end of the driveway, are all good locations. It is crucial to practice evacuating to this meeting place especially with small children to ensure that they do not get trapped in the backyard.

In emergency response and evacuation plan sample Neighbourhood Identify two safe meeting places nearby. You can contact your local emergency management office to learn which buildings in your neighbourhood emergency response and evacuation plan sample designated storm shelter sites, especially in situations of flooding. A place that is within walking distance from your home is ideal.

Out-of-Town Hurricanes, flooding and other area-specific emergencies require an evacuation plan that requires you to leave your home and neighbourhood.

If phone lines are down and you are separated from your family during an evacuation, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your family is headed for the same out-of-town evacuation location. Choosing this location will require some careful consideration of geographical factors: Is there a public transportation option?

Use your Emergency Preparedness Plan to keep a list of all your other important number such as your doctor, local police, fire department etc, emergency response and evacuation plan sample. Your personal contacts should be copied and kept on your person at all times. Remember to include neighbours and out of town contacts on this list as well as including friends who may be alternates to collect emergency response and evacuation plan sample children from school in an emergency release situation.

Remember cell tower signals may be down so include landlines in these too. Put on warm clothing, sturdy waterproof footwear and outerwear. Listen to the radio and follow instructions from local emergency officials. If there is time and it is safe to do so, shut off gas, electricity and water. Make arrangements for pets.

Lock doors and windows. Turn off utilities if instructed to do so. Leave a note telling others if you are OK and where you are heading. Follow the routes specified by officials. A shortcut could take you to a blocked or dangerous area. Notify your out-of-area contact. If you have to evacuate your home for a prolonged period during a winter power failure, drain the water from the plumbing system.

Starting at the top of the house, open all taps, flush toilets several times and open the drain valve emergency response and evacuation plan sample the basement. Drain your hot water tank by attaching a hose to the tank drain valve and running it to the basement floor drain.

If you drain a gas-fired water tank, the pilot light should be turned off the local gas supplier should be called to re-light it! Unhook washing machine hoses and drain. List any additional steps to your evacuation plan. The Order of St. John in Canada International Initiatives St.

John Ambulance is an international humanitarian Organization and is a foundation of the Order of St. Portal Careers Branch Locations Contact us, emergency response and evacuation plan sample.


Emergency response and evacuation plan sample