Personal Preparedness for Older Adults & Their Caregivers

A National Plan to Combat Elder Abuse


Elderly and national plans

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The momentum for national approaches in these areas has led to frameworks and plans developed through the Council of Australian Government COAG processes, elderly and national plans.

It also provides the opportunity to establish specific performance indicators and monitoring mechanisms to ensure accountability, as well as a basis for measuring progress, elderly and national plans. National plans also support the development of a common understanding of issues, priorities and strategies in areas where there are diverse stakeholders. The WHO emphasised the importance of having comprehensive data-driven national action plans to ensure effective violence prevention.

As such, elder abuse requires a singular focus and dedicated, systematic response if it is to be effectively addressed, elderly and national plans. The process of reporting and responding to elder abuse requires nationally consistent procedures and, ideally, the longer-term goal of national legislative reform.

The Queensland Law Society urged that:. Considering that the proportion of ageing residents in Australia is steadily increasing, substantial law reform is required to protect this growing demographic. They provide a structured and systematic way to build a plan. A National Elderly and national plans will capture and consolidate this work. It will also provide the opportunity for identifying short, medium and long-term priorities.

Elderly and national plans is currently no national plan for older Australians which incorporates a broader agenda like tackling ageism, financial security and housing, work and training, mobility and transport, social inclusion and participation, preventing and responding to abuse, and fostering age friendly environments. The essence of the issue is recognition that elder abuse does occur, and then the establishment of laws and policies which mitigate, and ultimately eradicate, such ill-treatment.

A National Plan will ensure such recognition of elder abuse and provide a nationally consistent framework through which to establish credible reforms and actions for mitigation.

A national plan provides an opportunity to address and improve culture and community attitudes, federal and state government policy, and on-the-ground supports and responses. The plan should also encompass subsets of the Australian population such as people with disability or mental health issues, people with impaired decision-making capacity, Indigenous Australians and people with different cultural backgrounds. The next questions are how a national plan should be developed, and what shape it should take.

The ALRC recommends that the planning process should be led by a steering committee. The important role that COAG can play, expressing a commitment of all governments at a senior level, was identified by stakeholders. The allergy and dermatology chesapeake virginia role of COAG in developing model, uniform laws in areas of high public importance; and.

The particular need for uniformity of state and territory laws with respect to personal autonomy, including powers of attorney, guardianship and administration laws. As the Financial Services Council observed:.

We are cognisant elderly and national plans the nature of implementation and governance of these reforms will be paramount to their effectiveness given the complex nature and environment in which elder abuse manifests itself across different jurisdictions. DPO Australia said that the Plan requires that. Such an integrated and responsive approach is required to address elder abuse.

This requires careful policy and legislation development, appropriate funding and implementation and elderly and national plans between Commonwealth and state governments. The Australian Government commitments and funding are also acknowledged, in relation to developing a national elder abuse hotline; developing pilot training programmes; a study into the prevalence of elder abuse; and developing a national awareness campaign.

Chapter 2 discusses the federal context for elder abuse law reform in more detail. Seniors Rights Victoria, Submission See also Victorian Multicultural Commission, elderly and national plans, Submission


Elderly and national plans