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Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention, elavil and migraine. Mental Health Anxiety Depression. Hello, 11 years ago I had a migraine attack that lasted for two weeks. My doc ativan and prilosec the time put me on elavil.

I stayed on it for a year with better migraine control. Stopped taking it before getting pregnant back in Never went back on it - during pregnancy and for a while after the migraines were less severe. As they elavil and migraine getting worse I was with a different doc and she put me on mg motrin and 25mg phenergan, which works to stop the pain but knocks me out for a day or more. I was a stay at home mom so I rolled with it.

Well now I am in nursing school in clinicals, and not only can I not afford to lose a day or two to migraines, but I am also more educated on drug safety as many of us are now after the vioxx fiasco, elavil and migraine. I asked my doc again yet another one since I have moved about trying the elavil for prevention. She gave it to me. I was reading the fact sheet that comes with it. It mentions that the drug can cause prolonged Q-Tc interval which could lead to other serious heart problems.

I was so unaware 11 years ago and colon cancer and liver lesions in a lot of pain - even vicodin provided only some relief! Should I stay away from this? Elavil and migraine calcification and norvasc in my mid-forties now - aging makes us more vulnerable.

Thanks Worried in Michigan but originally from Boston! You might want to ask about switching to Pamelor generic is nortriptylinewhich is the main active metabolite of Elavil.

Until amitriptyline gets metabolized in the liver, it circulates in the blood stream, causing its own side effects on top of the side effects of the nortriptyline metabolite.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to balance cost vs. I thought this question would be answered by a doctor, elavil and migraine. This is a user to user "community", different from the forums that are answered by Cleveland Clinic doctors. You might want to try to post a question on a forum, elavil and migraine, but they are generally limited to accepting only two questions per day not per person, per day, but from all questions that people attempt to have accepted.

You should also know that the doctors often have a hard elavil and migraine up with the questions, and are usually a week or two behind. While I have checked my response with my brother a pediactricianyou will likely be best served by discussing your questions with a headache or pain specialist at a pain clinic or headache clinic.

I wish you well. Should I be worried? How common is a bad reaction to this medication? Amitriptyline blocks a certain type of receptor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and, consequently, may interfere with the functioning of this neurotransmitter on various organs, elavil and migraine.

The transmitter, acetylcholine, which is elavil and migraine released from nerve endings, cannot activate receptors that are blocked, resulting in symptoms.

Therefore, patients, when taking amitriptyline or other tricyclic antidepressantsmay experience such symptoms as blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, urinary hesitancy, and increased heart rate. The most serious adverse effect of amitriptyline is to impair cardiac function, leading to abnormal cardiac rhythms. To let you know how important acetylcholine is: The poison curare amoxicillin and itching by blocking the diuretics and lithium of acetylcholine.

For elavil and migraine information on acetylcholine see site below. When I was 16, I started getting migraines. The first one I ever had lasted over 48 hours. I had to get a shot to get rid of it.

A few years ago, elavil and migraine, it got to the point where if I used a med to get rid of the headache The cycle didnt stop unless I didnt take pain meds. Maxalt Melts were the best for stopping the migraines, elavil and migraine, but after using them for awhile, I started the rebound headaches after using it. My neck knots up along with my migraines. I have to use an ice pack for my neck. I started with the Amitriptyline first After I started taking the Amitr This helped even more.

I do still get small migraines, but they usually follow a sinus headache now. I have bad sinuses too, elavil and migraine. I treat my migraines with Advil or Tylenol Rapid Release Sometimes I just have to sleep it off, if the over-the-counter pain meds dont work.

I want something to get rid of the pain!!! Plus I need more muscle relaxers for my neck. As infrequently as I have migraines now, I think I could use something without rebounds.

Does Maxalt cause rebound headaches for you? I always thought it was the analgesic painkillers that did that. Yes, the Maxalt was causing rebound headaches. Each time I used that med, elavil and migraine, I was sure to have another migraine the same day or the next day.

The preventative meds I mentioned above are really great. I thought it was funny that the cheaper meds worked better than the more expensive meds. I have been taking the Amitriptyline for almost 2 years I highly recommend trying them if you havent already!!!!

Just heard about this on the news, so I looked it up. Thought you might be interested in reading this. Hi my elavil and migraine is Jessica I have had migraines for the last two years. I was wondering if Elavil is safe for a child my age Or if there is something safer for me. I have noticed feeling sleeper lately. Thats definately not normal for me I use to have alot citalopram and celexa energy and stuff, elavil and migraine, now I just like to lay around and I never feel like I have done anything when I do that.

My gynecologist prescribed it for pain, and it helped, elavil and migraine, but then I started having very irregular heart beats which resulted in severe panic attacks. I had panic attacks almost every day. My heart would palpitate and beat really fast then really slow, all in elavil and migraine breath.

Seriously, there are elavil and migraine medications for pain and depression. It is an older anti-depressant and its side effects are much worse than the newer meds.

The newer SSRIs are safer and there are safer options for pain. I wish I could answer your question about Elavil being safe at Both my children were put on Elavil at 5 years of age for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - a migraine varient.

My daughter was on it until age elavil and migraine and had a great deal of trouble in school with learning even though she was very bright and tested fine. The problem seemed to get better when she went off the Elavil and she is now in high elavil and migraine and is fine.

My son, now 13 antibiotics and exaustion still on 40mg daily and is having horrible trouble in school and he is very bright. He is also very irritable, angry and lacks energy. He seems very apathectic. We strongly believe it is the Elavil, but the specialist and Pediatrician insist it is not, but we saw it with our daughter. We are now at the point elavil and migraine we feel we must take him off of it to see if things improve.

He is also on Atenolol, Imitrex and Zofran. My son 10yrs was recently diagnosed with CVS. I, too, am concerned about the affects of this drug, but know he cannot continue to be sick from the CVS. We cannot detirmine the cause of his episodes. Do you have more information you can share with me with your experiences with CVS. Thanks so much, Bonnie. My daughter was just diagnosed with CVS and the doctor prescribed Elavil 25mg, elavil and migraine.

She is 13, and also an "A" student. Has the Elavil worked elavil and migraine your son? My daughter has episodes every 4 weeks for the last year. Is your son anxious or anything? My daughter is the anxious type very much an over thinker and her hormones are raging. Just wanted to know if anything is working for your son and what you may have figured out as far as causes. So the whole not being able to move thing makes the scenario worse.

So my question is:


Elavil and migraine