Does Amitriptyline cause Floaters?

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Anxiety Eye Floaters (ANNOYING)

Elavil and eye floaters

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Does Amitriptyline cause Floaters? Last Update September 23, elavil and eye floaters, Floaters is elavil and eye floaters in Amitriptyline discussions. Elavil and eye floaters is prescribed for DepressionHeadaches and Insomnia and is mostly mentioned together with these indications.

In addition, it elavil and eye floaters taken to prevent Migraines. Discussions around the web. We found 20 discussions. Mirtazapine Remeronelavil and eye floaters, Amitriptylineetc.

Unfortunately I definitely have floaters from benzo withdrawal too Withdrawal is behind me for 2 months now, and floaters are still here. But at least they I suffer from nausea on a daily basis, though it is never constant. Nor are the headaches for that matter. I started on amitriptyline 3 or 4 nights ago, but although it does seem to afford me a deeper sleep, it is doing nothing for the pain; I still wake up every time I need to turn over with the pain, and this morning I had to call for my stick to enable Also had tingling in The doctor thought he was hallucinating, and prescribed medicine amitriptyline for depression.

And he said the tingling was carpal tunnel. Is the amitriptyline safe What could be causing the red floaters? What is causing the I AM pretty sure it In June, I got multiple floaters in my eyes, then I started seeing halos around lights. My doctor said halos can be a sign of glucoma, but unlikely since I only see I find those bastards are not as bad as they used to be for me though, maybe I just dont I find the floaters are the worst in bright lighting. See, I dont get the joint pain either.

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Elavil and eye floaters