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effexor for weight loss

Effexor and weight loss surgery

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Ive been on Effexor for about three weeks and I lost about ten pounds. My question is if people have success stories on this drug? Either emotional or with weight And if you did lose weight- did it continue or did it stop after a while? I took Effexor for about 7 years and lost a total of 20 pounds over the first year or so.

It gave me my life back! BTW, I started at 75mgs but effexor and weight loss surgery an increase to mgs as a maintenance dose. Hope this helps you as much as it did for me. Thank you for your experience. I hear so many different stories about Effexor some loving it, others hating it and some just indifferent. I know the most important is it helping my anxiety and depression, but the weight loss does factor in for me. It just seems like something prevents weight loss for me.

So when I started on this pill and lost effexor and weight loss surgery pounds it made me hopeful that it was fixing whatever was wrong. Best wishes to you. Just an update because I hate when I see experiences based on the first few effexor and weight loss surgery of a new med, I am still on Effexor, I upped my dose a little and decreased my Wellbutrin a little.

I am still losing weight, I am continuing to eat healthy and am having no negative side effects. The biggest thing is that yesterday at our religious meeting I talked to people! I just talked and enjoyed being there. Love Effexor so much and hope it continues to be effective. Be glad that you have found something to alleviate your mental issues. Depending on you situation weight loss MAY be a side benefit.

I also took Effexor for a year, unfortunately it did nothing for my depression. I did lose 20 pounds while on it, which I did unfortunately gain back when I stopped taking it, effexor and weight loss surgery. Hopefully it works for you as it is terrible to come off of! Did you find something that works for you? I did have the genetic testing done which is supposed to tell me what psych meds will work I miss being excited about Effexor.

Ive gained all the weight back and more and I feel like crap. I wish I could stand in effexor and weight loss surgery of pharmacies and stop anyone from starting it. The withdrawals coming off it are the worst. I just feel awful. Brain snaps and nausea no matter how slowly I come off it.

I wanted to say something similar. I did stop a friend from taking it. I wish someone had done that for me. Why did you have to come off of it? For the first time in years I was able to interact with my family at a gathering without second guessing my actions and how I come across.

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Effexor for anxiety and weight loss- For anyone that lost weight on Effexor? Asked 11 Mar by jrmeans09 Updated 16 July 12 weeks ago Topics effexoranxietyweight lossweightdrug Details:. Answer this Question Report Favorite. Weight loss, decreased appetite, anorexia" I took Effexor for about 7 years and lost a total of 20 pounds over the first year or so, effexor and weight loss surgery.

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Effexor and weight loss surgery