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Karen Callum (Preschool Sample Lesson Plan)

Early childhood activities and lesson plans

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Parents and teachers are ever so aware that the early years of childhood can strongly affect human development. But how can learning be made attractive at a young age?

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Choose which type of app you would like to use. To use our web app, go to kids, early childhood activities and lesson plans. Or download our app "Guided Lessons by Education. Current Filters results: Filter Results clear all filters. Kids love to count, early childhood activities and lesson plans. Help your students gain a greater understanding of what each number represents numerically, and make counting from a breeze. In this lesson, your students will discover fall colors in a fun and entertaining way.

Engaging their scientific inquiry skills, you will help them mix primary colors to create artwork. Break the ice with this social lesson, designed to help you and your class get to know each other. Early childhood activities and lesson plans social studies lesson helps students develop a healthy sense of self, and ties in well with any "All About Me" theme or unit. Identifying Living and Nonliving Things. Teach your students about living and nonliving things with this interactive lesson that keeps your class engaged as they learn!

Get those bodies moving and make some patterns. This lesson uses fine and gross motor skills to teach your students about AB patterns. In this lesson, students early childhood activities and lesson plans learn how to make healthy choices! They will sort food into healthy and unhealthy categories, early childhood activities and lesson plans, and describe their color.

They will then have the chance early childhood activities and lesson plans get a little messy! Give your students a head start in math with this lesson that teaches them how to add single-digit numbers together using manipulatives.

Helpers in Our Community. In this lesson, students will have the chance to discuss community helpers! They will explore people who help them everyday and then complete an expressive activity. Comparing Tall and Short. From skyscrapers to ants, comparing sizes with your class can be endlessly fun! This lesson will help your students compare short and tall sizes. Your students will love learning about the life cycle of a seed with a classic story, simple video, and a cut and paste activity! Students focus on the present moment using their senses to observe what is happening right now.

They are introduced to the idea that mindfulness is about paying attention to the present. How to Be a Good Friend. We all want to be good friends. But what does this look like?

Help students to understand what it means to be a good friend by reading a story, acting out a skit, and creating a friendship picture. Identifying Modes of Transportation.

Your students will enjoy this matching game of different modes of transportation. They will learn to differentiate between air, early childhood activities and lesson plans, and ground transportation vehicles. I Know My Numbers 1 to This lesson will have your students counting to one hundred in multiples of 10 in no time flat! Your students will love using flash cards to practice. Give early learners a solid foundation for school by introducing colors in this lesson.

Learning the names of primary colors, and applying color knowledge to familiar objects is a great way to start building communication readiness skills. Choose a letter of the day, and have your students practice tracing the letter.

Your students will practice identifying and writing the letters in this fun lesson. Help your students with their color identification skills with this lesson that has them match the color to a written name. In this lesson, students will learn about what plants needs to survive. They will then have a chance to grow their own plant! In this lesson, students will explore the life cycle of a pumpkin plant.

Then they will have the chance to grown their own! Comparing Big and Small. Is that big or small? Help your students learn to sort big and small items with this hands-on lesson. In early childhood activities and lesson plans lesson, your students will have the opportunity to learn more about the season of fall!

This lesson focuses on what people wear in the fall, the weather, and how the trees change! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Order in the Room! Combine letter recognition and movement with this reading-focused lesson!

In this lesson, students will reenact the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" while learning to recognize lowercase letters. Teach your class about the relationship between numbers and quantities with this lesson that has students use their counting skills to match a number of objects with their written value. People in the Community.

Building a sense of community fosters dependability and citizenship. Help students become aware of people in the community who assist them daily. Primary and Secondary Colors: Encourage your students to explore the color wheel with this hands-on activity that has the primary colors transform in front of their eyes.

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Early childhood activities and lesson plans