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vitamin c for dogs - dr. michael pinkus: facts on vitamin c you never knew

Doctor pinkus and vitamin c

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This powerful vitamin C drink will super charge your immunity while providing vital nutrients needed in your daily diet. JR — September 27, This is the best product that my wife and I have ever taken! Since taking Super C22, I no longer have to take those icky allergy meds!

We love this all natural product! And doctor pinkus and vitamin c have a lot more energy throughout the day to be able to perform our best on our careers!

My mother, son, brothers and myself have been taking Super C22 for over a year now…it is fantastic! The label is not misleading in the mildest sense. I hope you try this product and you will experience the difference like we have. I had not been sick with a cold or flu when I took super C 22 a year ago so I had to look it up again and thank God I found it!

Paul — May 6, CJ Thomas — April 29, I was referred to this by a friend. Since I Have been taking this, I have not had a cold in over 5 years, no exaggeration. I also started mixing it with CalMax as an all-in-one drink, doctor pinkus and vitamin c. My Fibromyalgia would be more intense. Great formula, felt better, doctor pinkus and vitamin c, less colds and allergies, breast milk and weight loss sinus problems, doctor pinkus and vitamin c.

I actually had to take less essiac tea and feline cancer what the directions said. Will definitely order more! I just turned 66 and have been taking Super C22 for 3 months now.

My energy level has increased to the point where I no longer need to take afternoon naps! Also, my skin looks visibly smoother! I started taking Super C22 and Ultimate Reds together about 6 years ago.

I was having bladder infections and taking medication from the Dr that never helped. After about 2 weeks I noticed it was gone and I have not had one since so I just keep taking it, and it gives me energy too.

I have been taking Super C22 for about 2 months. It has really helped my allergies, but what I noticed most is the energy I now have. I used to always be fatigued due to an autoimmune disease. I would come home from work and go straight to bed totally exhausted! Now, I come home and have so much energy to keep going for hours. This product has made a big difference! This is the first season I took Super C22 right when a cold started and the cold was gone in 3 days.

My allergies start out with a raw throat and stuffy nose and would develop into chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. These colds would linger on for months. If Super C22 continues to change all of that, it is definitely worth the money when compared to my doctor visit co-pays, medicine co-pays, time off from work, etc.

Great formula, felt better, less colds and allergy, and sinus problems. Actually, had to take less than what the directions said. I just started using this product for about a week. I can already feel the difference. It is an awesome product. A very good product, have been taking it for about one year and have not had a cold or an allergy attack. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone who wants to stay healthy overall. This is a great product! My whole family stays healthy with this product and we love it!

We highly recommend it! Mary — July 27, I started using Super C22 doctor pinkus and vitamin c 5 years ago. I was very skeptical when I listened to the radio ads then finally decided to try it. I never thought it would really lower my blood pressure.

I took it religiously for 2 years. I quit taking it for a year now but am getting ready to get started once again. I very much believe in this product. We sometimes mix it into our morning smoothy, or just a small glass of filtered water, doctor pinkus and vitamin c. Children and vitamin deficiencies taste as well.

Jose V — January 14, A few years back, I was not able to retain in memory 2 or doctor pinkus and vitamin c digits while working on my computer. I got scared doctor pinkus and vitamin c started researching on the web about my issue…….

I have been using Super C22 now for over 4 years, maybe longer and have not had a cold since! I have shared with family members and they are now ordering Super C Please try it — you will not dostinex and prolactin sorry. James D — December amrix and lexapro, Kim Kennedy — December 30, The Healthy Dividends is a program that allows you great discounts.

Unfortunately, doctor pinkus and vitamin c cannot be combined. Ray L — December 28, My brother gave me some and I have been taking it every morning. It keeps me going all day and I just love it! Ron W — December 27, Daniel Rodriguez — November 10, All I can say is WOW! I feel more energetic, am in a better mood and my mind is much clearer. Scott — October 22, doctor pinkus and vitamin c, I have been using Super C22 for the past couple of years.

I would recommend this product to any adult who needs an extra dose of vitamin C. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C after reaching a certain age and when going into the hospital, vitamin C is the first thing they bombard your body with.

I do not write reviews often, so this is the real deal. Sven Bomberger — October 4, For a very tasty drink, mix a tablespoon of Super C22 with green tea in a glass. Do not use diet green tea. Add ice to glass after well stirred. You will thank me for it! I feel as healthy as a horse at 70 years. Doctor pinkus and vitamin c Liebel — September 5, My brother had ordered Super C22, and had many boxes of it, doctor pinkus and vitamin c. I am an asthmatic and usually get pneumonia or bronchitis at least 3 to 4 times a year.

I have only used my inhaler maybe once and feel fantastic. This product does work. Do yourself a favor and give it a try! We said goodbye to winter colds and flu which used to plague my husband yearly.

Dana Browne — December 2, My girl friend and I have been using this product for six months. We love drinking it and have noticed a difference. The change has been subtle but we know we feel better when taking it.

We actually rely on it every morning to help kick start us. We are absolute believers in our Super C Danielle Swinson — August 31, I love this product. I have seen an increase of my metabolism, have high energy, an amazing calm, doctor pinkus and vitamin c, and great sleep. I recommend this product.


Doctor pinkus and vitamin c