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Diliated pupils and lamictal

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Does Lamictal cause Dilated Pupils? Last Update September 23, Dilated Pupils is concern in Lamictal discussions. Lamictal is a bipolar medication and an epilepsy medication. Lamictal is prescribed for Bipolar DisorderSeizuresMania and Epilepsy and is mostly mentioned together with these indications.

Discussions around the web. We found 10 discussions. I should note, since I was diagnosed with E over 15 years ago, I have never had side effects with Lamictal at all. But then with this prescription, Diliated pupils and lamictal started getting severe side effects like double vision almost a drunk feelingloss of balance, and very dilated pupils. I called them, and While you are doing your colon cleanse. Citalopram - Severe, diliated pupils and lamictal, Unexpected My best piece of advice to you is that if DP controls.

If I can just get through til tomorrow I can hit the pharmacy but this week has just been dreadful. Amazing how the very nature of my reality can change due to The whole week has been like a bad trip without the dilated pupils.

The studies say dry eyes and eye pain were infrequent. The only other drug I remember that caused actual eye pain was Nardil excruciating arthritis cure gin and currents pain on day 38 though the tricyclics and Remeron caused blurry vision and Cymbalta and Milnacipran caused hugely dilated pupils. Trileptal more so than for Lamictal.

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Diliated pupils and lamictal