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BOTOX is used to stop the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines on your face from contracting. BOTOX is administered to the needed areas by a small virtually painless injection of a small amount of clear liquid. Dysport like botox stops the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles in the face dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh contracting. The latest buzz is that as we age our skin does not sag. I repeat, our skin does not sag. So our skin seems to hang, dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh.

The fillers provide volume restoration. There are several different fillers available but they all work the same basic way. They FILL the void left by our shrinking skull. They also are used to fill the wrinkles and lines caused by the constant movement of dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh muscles of facial expression smile lines, lip lines. Juvederm is a filler. It is a hyaluronic acid filler.

It is injected into the skin to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and lines by plumping up the area. Perlane is a filler. Yes, there are lots of different fillers that all basically do the same thing. When we see you in consultation we can advise you which filler would be best for your particular wrinkle. Restylane like perlane is a hyaluronic acid filler.

Sculptra is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid filler. It requires dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh series of injections spaced over a few months but can provide results lasting up to 2 years.

Chemical peels are beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, skin discoloration, increased pigmentation, sun damaged spots, age spots, freckles as well as dull skin texture and mild acne scars.

The procedure involves the application of a special chemical solution to remove outer layers of aged, discolored, dead and irregular skin. Fresh skin is then generated, which is usually smoother, less wrinkled and more even in color. The regenerated skin feels tightened and looks refreshed. This peeling can also remove precancerous lesions and treat acne.

Dermatologic surgeons pioneered chemical peeling procedures more than 50 years ago and have perfected a range of peeling techniques and solutions. We would be more than happy to look at your skin and discuss if any peel regimens would benefit you. We can provide superficial and medium depth peeling, dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh.

The natural aging process generally produces lines and wrinkles, age spots, splotches and pigmentation problems, broken capillaries, dull skin texture and color, and other skin flaws. Also, a once-attractive mole or birthmark may change into an unattractive protrusion, or a once unnoticeable scar may become more apparent when wrinkles form around it. Sun-damage compounds the aging process, dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh.

Ultraviolet light from the sun penetrates not only the outer layer of skin, but also those layers underneath which fortify the skin and lend it resilience. For more advanced signs of aging and sun-damage, your dermasurgeon will choose the surgical method or combination of methods best suited to your individual skin condition. Treatment consists of injecting a sclerosing solution directly into the affected veins.

The procedure is done in the office and requires no anesthetic. Several sessions are needed to achieve the best results. Once we get everything we can cleared up with the sclero, we can go after the remaining tiny little guys with a laser.

For the injection we use Asclero polidocanol or if you prefer, we can use hypertonic saline. It is recommended that you start these treatments in the fall or winter. Laing will be glad to answer all of your questions during your consultation.


Dermatology skin cancer center and raleigh