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Degrassi 303 - The Next Generation

Degrassi season 7 and cancer

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With 14 seasons and more than episodes under its belt, " Degrassi: The Next Generation " has tackled it all. From school shootings and teenage pregnancies to bad breakups and eating disorders, no topic was off limits for this groundbreaking Canadian teen show. We watched Spinner grow from an immature, spiky-haired bro in season 1 to a slightly more mature man-bro, and his cancer battle felt extremely personal.

It was a painful decision for Liberty to make, especially because she had her heart set on keeping her baby, but once she realized that she and JT were in no way ready to care for a baby, she made up her mind. But the degrassi season 7 and cancer, off-again couple made their final split when Sean left to join the Army -- and we sobbed in front of our TV screens.

Eli was the first character of the next next generation that really resonated with audiences. So you can just imagine how heartbroken we were to discover Eli was suffering from Bipolar disorder and OCD. Later that season, Eli antibiotics and probiotics taken together a meltdown when Clare broke up with him and crashed Morty.

This one hurts because KC and Jenna tried so hard to raise Tyson, but an incident with Child Services forced Jenna to make the tough decision to give Ty up for adoption. Craig had the tendency to be a selfish jerk sometimes, but the kid had a rough life. And when Marco joined the squad, it was even better. She eventually got Ellie the help she needed and a friendship was born. Degrassi season 7 and cancer came out to Spinner in season 3 after Spinner confronted Marco about his weird behavior.

Later in the episode, he got jumped by a group of homophobic jerks, which only made us cry harder. So when she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer, we were devastated for her. Can we all agree Rick was kinda the worst?

OK, you may be asking yourself, "Who the eff is Cam?! Introduced in season 12, we thought Campbell Saunders was going to be a "Degrassi" regular. He was handsome and athletic -- a high school jock with a heart! But underneath his shy and sweet demeanor, Cam was hiding a dark secret: Cam took his own life in the Degrassi High greenhouse.

This was the first time "Degrassi" had addressed teen suicide -- and we were not prepared for the flood of emotions we felt. Frankly, degrassi season 7 and cancer, that made it even more real. We get that "Degrassi" was trying to make a point about texting and driving, but did they really have to kill off their first and only transgender character?

This episode was so controversial that it aired in the U. After having unprotected sex with Craig, Celebrex and neurapathy, at 14, found out she was pregnant.

She made the decision to have an abortion, which did crestor and low libido and ed sit well with her uber religious parents. In its second season, "Degrassi" aired "Shout," a moving two-part episode in which Paige gets raped at a high school party. The scene was haunting -- Paige, confused, degrassi season 7 and cancer, scared and crying -- and its aftermath, powerful. The story line stayed with her through seasons two, three and four.

The entire school shooting episode, titled "Time Stands Still," is probably the best episode of the entire series. When Sean wrestled Rick for the gun, we reached peek emotional breakdown. Spinner gets testicular cancer.


Degrassi season 7 and cancer