Cymbalta and Low Iron

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Cymbalta and low iron

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Cymbalta and Low Iron. Cymbalta is a nervous system medication and an antidepressant medication SNRI. Cymbalta is prescribed for DepressionAnxiety and Fibromyalgia and is mostly mentioned together with these indications.

Discussions around the web. We found 26 discussions. On top of that, I am back to feeling extremely jittery and food no longer helps subside it.

I thought it was my low iron and blood sugar, so I got it tested. My blood sugar is My specialist said that Cymbalta can help people whose pain is mostly in their legs. It works for some but not everyone. I believe there are other medicines out there for restless leg that you should ask Also, have read that low iron can be a cause of restless leg, cymbalta and low iron.

You are your own best friend and advocate to feel better. You are low in iron or vitamin B- like what? Pravastatin is primarily used for the treatment of Also should I try stopping the poly iron? I noticed you said you had bloodwork done, but could this have I asked her to mail me the lab results as I am I went of Cymbalta about 3 weeks ago. Huge huge huge improvement in my D, cymbalta and low iron.

I was actually constipated a Took doc three months of testing to diagnose the fibro. You may have some combinations of cymbalta and low iron as well. If you do find out you have fibro. Be so careful with the meds. I was on one called Cymbalta. It messed up my mental state. I wanted to klill myself, I had serious RLS when on cymbalta. It came back about 3 nights ago and I realized that my multivitamin didnt have any Iron it, cause of I am really suprised that you are not using something like Requip for RLS, that helped me when I was using cymbalta Treato does not review third-party posts for accuracy of any kind, including for medical diagnosis or treatments, or events in general, cymbalta and low iron.

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Cymbalta and low iron