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Cytotoxic Assay

Cyclosporine and cell killing assay

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Immune-cell recognition and killing of unwanted target cells, such as emergent tumor cells, is a critical component of the human cyclosporine and cell killing assay defense mechanism.

Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity ADCC and T cell killing are two mechanisms of cell-mediated immune response. Each of these processes involves the stimulation of immune cell sub-populations, such as natural killer NK cells or cytotoxic T lymphocytes CTLwhich then actively lyse target cells. An integrated solution for real-time visualization and automated analysis of immune cell-mediated killing of tumor cells — all within your tissue culture incubator.

Cancer Immunol Immunother62 4: Adams, KJ et al, cyclosporine and cell killing assay. PhD Dissertation, Cardiff University The "kiss of death". One cell becomes two. Visualize and quantify immune cell interactions with tumor cells within a mixed culture using IncuCyte FabFluor Quantification of the interaction overlay, yellow mask in images reveals a marked increase in the interaction of activated effector cells with the target cells indicating cell engagement for immune killing of tumor cells as shown in the bar graphs.

Measure tumor cell death and proliferation optional in real time using IncuCyte immune cell killing assays, cyclosporine and cell killing assay. Kinetic readouts reveal the time dependence of treatment effects. Herceptin induced inhibition of SKOV-3 spheroid growth.

Examples of unprocessed top and masked images bottom in the presence and absence of antibody 72h post addition, D. Click image to enlarge. Common methods used to assess immune cell killing of cancer cells are often end-point, require cell lifting e. All are generally non-image based. The table below shows the capabilities and challenges of some common approaches. Tumor immunology and immunotherapy. What Is Immune Cell Killing? Live-Cell Analysis Handbook A comprehensive guide to live-cell analysis inside the incubator Reserve your copy.

Live-cell analysis for Immuno-oncology Understanding immuno-oncology with live-cell analysis Download yours now. Automated image analysis enables selective quantitation of tumor cell death. Watch the video Download the protocol.

Commonly used immune cell killing assays Common methods used to assess immune cell killing of cancer cells are often end-point, require cell lifting e. Browse No file selected. Subscribe to our newsletter.


Cyclosporine and cell killing assay