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Crestor and running

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I recently received an email from a person with type 1 diabetes living in Denmark Guido whose physician believes in prescribing many medications to manage cholesterol and high blood pressure in anyone with diabetes, regardless of need.

Guido has been taking a statin Atorvastatin, brand name Lipitoralong with at least four others for blood pressure control. He used to take Simvastitin Zocorbut a year prior had been changed to Atorvastatin and his dose doubled.

Another type really needs to be considered, though, because of the sheer number of patients who are being put on them and their potentially negative impact on the ability to exercise: Statins are medications taken to treat high cholesterol levels or abnormal levels of blood fats, crestor and running, in an attempt to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The cholesterol guidelines cancer institute hospital and tokyo recently updated, the result crestor and running that even more adults with diabetes and prediabetes are being prescribed various medications from this class. In individuals who are unwilling or unable to change their diet and lifestyles sufficiently or have genetically high levels of blood lipids, the benefits of statins for lowering cardiovascular risk likely greatly exceed the risks, or so the experts claim 1.

If a person has a low risk for developing cardiovascular problems and does not already have type 2 diabetes, taking them is not advised 2particularly because many statins increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes 3.

Since one month after he started taking Atorvastatin, Guido confided that has been suffering from extreme stiffness and pain in his legs that occurs after running any distance 3 km or 20 km.

His legs have been scanned and are negative for any signs of fractures or inflammation, and they have ruled out compartment syndrome. As a group of medications, the statins are WELL known for causing muscle and joint issues. Crestor and running would suggest considering going off of it completely and see if your symptoms resolve in a few weeks.

The occurrence of muscular conditions like myalgia, mild myositis, severe myositis, and rhabdomyolysis, crestor and running, although relatively rare, crestor and running, is doubled in people with diabetes 4. Others have reported an increased susceptibility to exercise-induced muscle injury when taking statins, particularly active, older individuals 5.

Crestor and running symptoms, such as muscle cramps during or after exercise, nocturnal cramping, and general fatigue, generally resolve when people stop taking crestor and running. If people experience any of these symptoms, they need to talk with their healthcare provider about switching to another cholesterol-lowering drug that may crestor and running cause them.

Another major issue related to statins is that their long-term use negatively impacts the organization of collagen and decreases the biomechanical strength of the tendons, making them more predisposed to ruptures, crestor and running. Again, people should talk with their doctors about whether it may be possible to manage their cardiovascular risk and lipid levels without taking statins long-term for this reason and the aforementioned ones.

At least have them try another medication to see if it a lesser negative impact on being active. As a leading expert on diabetes and exercise, I recently put my extensive knowledge to use in founding a new information web site called Diabetes Motion www.

Please visit that site and my own www. Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Next How Low is Too Low? Crestor and running Pressure Goals for Diabetic Patients.


Crestor and running