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What is a CPAP and why is it the best form of treatment?

Cpap and lung cancer

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There are two new studies that seem to show a correlation between lung cancer and sleep apnea. I have sleep apnea so this is of great interest to me.

I am considering having oxygen added to my CPAP as a precaution. I am aware that traditionally the medical profession has not agreed with oxygen therapy for lung cancer. I asked my Dr. I am wondering if anyone else has experimented with oxygen therapy, cpap and lung cancer.

Big Joe, cpap and lung cancer, I believe sleep apnea created an oxygen poor environment inside my body that brought on stage 4 nsclc.

I have been confirmed with apnea twice now over the last 4 years. I tied Cpap a few years back but since my issues are swelling in sinuses and throat, felt like I was chocking. I recently visited a lung specialist who offers hyperbaric tank sessions and closely watching the research.

A no-brainer if I get a little more clinical proof. Thanks for posting this. He mentioned that his brother has sleep apnea. Was diagnosed with stage IV in June of I had been snoring for years. I tested as having severe sleep apnea with over 35 incidents each hour of sleep. It should be at least I have been using the CPAP nightly for 2 weeks now. I hope this may help not only with cpap and lung cancer sleepiness, but also in my response to the chemo.

My sats only dropped to 88 while doing the CPAP trial. I wonder if extra O2 might be useful? I continue to have some minor trouble with mask fit, same as most folks who use one.

Cpap and lung cancer connection with cancer is interesting but probably needs a little more validation. I bring my BiPAP with me to the hospital for any procedure requiring sedation or anything else which might suppress my breathing. My hospital looks my machine over, then has used it consistently. Re the question about supplemental oxygen, I connected a concentrator to my mask for several months until my pulmonary doc told me that I no longer needed extra oxygen at this altitude--a good question for your onc or pulmonary doc.

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Cpap and lung cancer