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The Comic Book Campaign: Senate Race, In the Senate campaign in Illinois, congress and lesson plans, the incumbent senator, Scott Lucas, a Democrat and the majority leader of the Senate, used a comic book to persuade voters of his qualifications. The Economy Act of H. Diagnose vitamin and mineral deficincey documents about that bill introduce students to the process by which a Congress member evaluates a congress and lesson plans, decides to vote, and justifies that vote to constituents.

Everett Dirksen Chooses a Sketch Students will evaluate the elements of political cartooning by examining the decision of Senator Everett M. Dirksen to substitute a congress and lesson plans for a photograph in the Pocket Congressional Directory. Election outcomes are determined by those who participate.

Students will see the importance of voting and that every vote counts. Gulf of Tonkin Incident, August This lesson will introduce students to real-time reporting on the Gulf of Tonkin incident which led congress and lesson plans the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

The resolution gave President Lyndon Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be threatened by communist aggression.

Students will analyze historical documents using the following strategies: How a Bill Becomes Law: They will be introduced to key concepts associated with the legislative process such as committees, filibuster, cloture, bipartisan, petition, and lobbying. Additionally, they will see how controversial social issues, such as civil rights, greatly affect the process. How Influential is Your Member of Congress? Students will learn about the circumstances surrounding the relocation of Japanese-Americans in and compare the reasons for relocation with the justification for reparations in Making Congress Work through Leadership Different leaders in Congress use different leadership styles, congress and lesson plans.

Reading leadership statements by four members of Congress, students will understand such concepts as majority and minority roles in legislatures; the nature of deliberation, negotiation, and compromise; the context that shapes legislative leadership; and the work of Congress more generally, congress and lesson plans. Martin Luther King Holiday Students will evaluate a report filed by congressional journalist Neil MacNeil on the acrimonious Senate debate about a bill to declare the third Monday in January a legal public holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader, Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Minority Representation in Congress, Students will examine selected demographic features of one of the early New Deal Congresses in order to identify the characteristics of women members of the House and Senate—what qualities and experiences they shared, how they differed. Students may also compare and contrast the female membership in with female membership today.

The source documents raise questions about citizenship, military personnel needs, and events leading up to U. What Makes a Congress and lesson plans Campaign Brochure? Students compare and contrast the campaign brochures of two candidates for the U. Senate from Illinois in in order to 1 determine what elements make for an effective brochure both content and design ; 2 assess the relative effectiveness of the two examples; 3 understand what messages a campaign brochure intends to send; and 4 appreciate the similarities and differences between political congress and lesson plans of today and half a century ago.

What Makes a Congressional Leader? Students will understand the qualities that make for a leader in the U. While the formal stages in the legislative process are a good place to start, it is important to recognize alternative routes. Legislation passes or fails both on the quality of its content and the strategies of its opponents and proponents. An Effective Congress and Effective Members: What Does It Take? What are the skills congress and lesson plans to serve effectively in Congress and how do politicians acquire them?

Political scientist Barbara Sinclair answers these questions in an article that originally appeared in PS Online in September Learn what a congressional office can and cannot or should not do for you, congress and lesson plans, what staff members do, and how best to deal with them.

Why teach Congress and the media? What would a comprehensive lesson on the media and Congress include? What approach can you take to teaching this information?

What does scholarship teach us about Congress and the media? Senate, identifies ten factors organized around six major themes: House of Representatives Ray Smock, former historian of the U.

House, singles out 12 factors key congress and lesson plans understanding the so-called lower chamber. If we would desire good citizenship, love of country, respect for heritage among our young, then we must teach them. And we must do so actively, consistently, congress and lesson plans, and most of all early. It is essential that we provide children with an environment conducive to the learning about, practicing of, and valuing of good citizenship and responsible involvement in national life.

His research reveals the importance of understanding 1 the tension between majority rule and minority rights and 2 the essentially conflictual nature of legislative activity. When students have a low comfort level with these ideas, their ability to understand the work of the legislative branch congress and lesson plans dramatically. He concludes this lecture by discussing how his findings can inform classroom teaching. Jones responds to this question: Congress—what would they be?

He also reviews how political scientists have explained this phenomenon and suggests ways for high school and college teachers to teach their students about incumbency.

Glossary A glossary of congressional terms. Historical Notes Notes on congressional events and procedures. Understanding Congressional Decisions through Vectors This slide simulation uses vectors as depicted in a game of billiards to understand the complexity of decision-making in Congress.

House of Representatives Floor Debate Simulation This simulation seeks to teach lessons about the various issues that factor into the decision-making process of a member of Congress. Some of the factors woven into the simulation include parliamentary rules and procedures, the role of constituents, competing demands for time, competing policy interests, the role of the press, and political concerns and institutional concerns. The materials include four different established public policy scenarios as well as resources to congress and lesson plans a more customized case-study.

A Congressional Election Simulation By using this simulation, students will gain a solid understanding of how congressional elections are conducted and of what determines who wins and loses these contests. By "playing along" with the election, they will learn to choose among different strategic options for the campaigns. And, because this is an active learning technique, students will learn the material better than if they were passively receiving this information in a lecture.

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Dirksen served in the U. House fromthe U. Senate fromand as Minority Leader of the Senate from until Participate Send Us Ideas.


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