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Ramirez, clomid and high prolactin patients, At the age of 18yrs I was diagnose with pituitary adenoma, I was first place on parlodel for a year. But the tumor had increased dispite the medication and my doctor suggest surgery. A year after surgery, the tumor grow back and I was placed on dostinex cabergoline. I am now married and 30 yrs old and I was off the cabergoline for almost 2 yrs due to lost of health insurance coverage, but now I have coverage and being treated.

At my initial doctors visit 4 mos ago my lab results read that my prolactin level was My husband and I want to start a family but I have not had a menstrual cycling in over 2 yrs, is it possible to have a baby if I take clomid in conjuction with the cabergoline?

Thank you for reading my question. Otherwise, it will interfere with ovulation, as it has been doing. Ramirez, I had a prolactin test done randomly,which showed a level of However,a repeat test done on the 3rd day of my period on fasting showed a level of I also have a little breast discharge from both nipples off and on,and have been on Dostinex.

Is clomid and high prolactin patients possible to have normal prolactin levels and still have breast discharge? Hello, A valid prolactin level is always done fasting. Prolactin is a very volatile meaning it can be affected by many things hormone and should be done fasting, first thing in the morning and preferably with the least amount of stress.

Anything less than 20 is fine, clomid and high prolactin patients. The fact that you have a little discharge could be due to an elevated prolactin, but you can also induce a discharge if you try hard enough i. The discharge in this case is not mild, prolactin causes mild production. If your prolactin level is now 17 on your current dose of Dostinex, then it is working just fine. Nothing further needs to be done in that regard. The usual starting dose of Dostinex is 0. There probably is something else going one that hopefully will be found in a complete infertility evaluation.

Only then will you know what the appropriate treatment is. I had my thyroid removed in April. My level was I did just get a positive on an ovulation predictor kit for 2 days.

Thank you for your time! I had 2 abortions and the last abortion was 8 months ago and after that my gynea had given me overall g to normalise my periods for 6 months but banana and weight loss last I have left having ovrall g last month and got myself tested as I am having nipple discharge for 8 months sometimes heavy n it secreat by itself n sometime by pressing so I m being asked by doc to do prolactin serum test n got 41 level which my gynea said is cause of worry as I want to have baby now can it be cured and is it cause of worry?

It is easily treated with medication. Hello, I have elevated prolactin due to a small pituitary clomid and high prolactin patients. When this was discovered the doctor immediately put me on Cabergoline. I had a very hard time with this drug - it gave me bad side effects. The doctor then suggested Bromocriptine - clomid and high prolactin patients drug was even worse. Since I was unable to tolerate the side effects of these drugs the doctor is now suggesting Letrozole Femara.

My prolactin level seems to always hover around and I do not get periods. A recent HSG test showed my tubes to be perfectly open. All other blood work is normal, clomid and high prolactin patients. Do you think I have a chance of ovulating on Letrozole even when my Prolactin is elevated? I had a blood test for prolactin. But i had that test after my breakfast, morning clomid and high prolactin patients. Is that high because of my breakfast? Prolactin is a very sensitive hormone and can be influenced by stress, sleep, meals.

I would recommend that you repeat the test as a fasting test. She is facing serious menstrual problem Savior Pain and Ir-regularity and she has also Polycystic Ovaries. My 1st priority is to relieve her pain, dont know if the PCO is the problem or the higher level of Prolactin, clomid and high prolactin patients, The doctors are not so sure about it.

She is given Inofolic Capsules 1 a day. Trusting that lady gynecologist and continuing the treatment. Hoping for the good! I had high prolactin Then I changed my doctor and he told me that my prolactin should be 20 or less not too much less also affect then he said took half pill a week, and i retest it and it was Wants HSG and it was normal, and sperm test to my husband, and he was normal too. Now he put me on clomid mg i will start 3th day of my period to 7.

Could it works on clomid because everything is in normal now. Hi Doctor, I am trying to conceive since 2. What would you suggest for my case. I am 28 and clomid and high prolactin patients husband is His SA test is also normal. Hi Dr, After i gave birth my son at age of 18 my breast become small,migrain attacked and irregular menstruation.

Pls I need your help my prolactin level is and I have taken parlodel but still am having breast discharge when I press my breast. What do I do to stop the discharge. My prolactin level is As per lab results the maximum limit is Scanning and all other tests are ok. Husbands semen analysis test is also normal. My husband is abroad and he is coming for 1 month leave this september. My gynaec told there is no need need to take medicines now and asked me to come one month before september.

Ie on the first day of periods. We are married for 2 years. Please tell me doctor, whether I want to take any medicines now for high prolactin level as we have only one month time and will I able to concieve.

Ramirez Letters From Patients. Saturday, December 12, clomid and high prolactin patients, Prolactin Level and Clomid for 30 yr. The month that I had this test done was very stressful and my period was about 12 days late. I am usually very regular days. I did have a miscarriage in November My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2. I just started my first round of Clomid. I am 30 years old. I was wondering if my prolactin level is something to be very concerned about and will it affect my fertility?

Will the clomid regulate this? Does my prolactin level indicate hyperprolactinemia? Thank you for taking the time out to read my question, clomid and high prolactin patients. Hello, Yes, if in fact your prolactin is elevated, it will affect your fertility, clomid and high prolactin patients. It needs to be brought down to normal first.

However, in order to check the Prolactin level, it should be done fasting and preferable in a non-stress situation. So, please have yourself retested, since I see that your level is not too high. Prolactin is a very volatile hormone. It is affected by sleep, clomid and high prolactin patients, stress, time of day and meals. That is why it should always be rechecked at a fasting level.

The normal level should be less than It may be the only thing affecting your fertility. If the prolactin remains elevated, you should see a medical endocrinologist or reproductive endocrinologist for evaluation cancer and the lymph glands treatment. Constipation and quit smoking this indicates that there is a microscopic tumor in the pituitary.

Medication is sufficient to treat this tumor but a larger tumor would need to be surgically removed. However, if when you are retested and the Prolactin level is normal, the fact that you have not gotten pregnant after two years of trying at your age would be reason for concern. You are still at your peak fertile years and should have gotten pregnant within one year. Before going to treatment such as with Clomid, you should undergo a complete infertility evaluation to find out what the problem is, clomid and high prolactin patients.

The treatment is then chosen according to what needs to be treated. That is the reason you are going straight to Clomid and high prolactin patients, when in fact since you have regular periods it is a sign that you are ovulating. Clomid will increase the number of eggs that you ovulate, but having eggs available has not been your problem since you have regular cycles.

Something else is going on.


Clomid and high prolactin patients