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Chattanooga skin and cancer clinic

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This business specializes in treatments for all skin disorders. I was diagnosed with CLL cancer in and my Oncologist suggested that since some cancers as far as how it relates to the body sort of bring on other cancers, I should seek out a Dermatologist and have a full body scan annually. There was a large chattanooga skin and cancer clinic, which I will not name, that was located in Memorial North Park Medical Center and I started seeing a couple of their of their Nurse Practitioners.

I went each year chattanooga skin and cancer clinic and each time was pronounced for the most part clean with no Carcinomas for about four years. Since I had been passed to a female N. That is when I found the perfect fit for me with Dr. Since chattanooga skin and cancer clinic first three just 3 months ago he has also removed several more. I went to the facility to get a black bump removed of my back They removed the bump of my back that day and while I was there they noted a yellow skin growth on my head and remove the surface part and advised they would have it tested and let me know, chattanooga skin and cancer clinic.

About a week later they called and advised that it was cancer so I had it removed a week later and the care I received was wonderful and all the doctors and nurses were very nice and I would recommend this center to anyone having skin problems, chattanooga skin and cancer clinic. Tusa and Staff are wonderful, caring and I would highly recommend them to anyone! I am so disappointed in this establishment. They will not remove do the minor surgery on little spots more than one at a time.

Phil Andrews says that he does not trust the lab to not get them mixed up. However, he sends all the test spots biopsys at the same time and must trust them not to get them mixed arthritis and ankles. I think it pays them more to do everything separately. But, it costs me more. And, it drags out my recovery time. The schedule lady called and said they would refer me to another Dr. Doctors and nurses were great.

No problems with them at all. The problem is with the number you have to call to get biopsy results. They never answer the phone. If I have to leave a message for them to call me with the results, then why give me a number to call in the first place??? Just call me with the results. If you want to know whether or not to use this office, chattanooga skin and cancer clinic, try to see if they answer the phone on the "results line" before placing your appointment.

If you get someone to answer and not have to leave a message, then I would use them as doctors, but not until then. The staff is great. Doctors and staff take the time to care! Mastercard Accepted, Visa Accepted. Thumbs Down Thumbs Up. Diabetes and adkins this review Helpful?

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Chattanooga skin and cancer clinic