Does Celexa cause Man Boobs?


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Celexa and gynecomastia

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Just to get the terminology down: Gyne refers to female and mastia the breast. Gynecomastia enlarged male breasts is a disease that affects men, involving excess growth of the tissue in the male breast.

It results from an imbalance between androgen, a male sex hormone, such as testosterone, and the female hormone, estrogen, celexa and gynecomastia.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for stimulating female sexual characteristics. In an imbalance between the sex hormones with estrogen predominating, men will develop breasts. There are natural and disease-related causes, from weight gain to tumors to kidney disease or thyroid dysfunction. A number of antibiotics--although by no means all--can cause gynecomastia. Although gynecomastia is generally rare in response to anti-tuberculosis treatments, two drugs have been associated with it.

Despite the fact that each case resolved itself upon stopping the medication, scientists still do not know the mechanism by which isoniazid causes male breast enlargement. It is these androgens that create male characteristics, like muscle size, deep voice, or hair growth. Hormonal antiandrogen therapy for prostate cancer is a serious risk factor for gynecomastia.

The theory behind prostate cancer treatments is that testosterone stimulates the growth of the cancerous cells, celexa and gynecomastia. Therefore, of necessity, celexa and gynecomastia, the goal in treating this cancer with hormone treatments is to decrease the amount of androgens in the system, blocking their effects on the cancerous growth. In doing so, however, they decrease the overall amount of effective male hormone in the system, celexa and gynecomastia.

Cyproterone and flutamide both block androgen production in peripheral tissues. Most studies of prostate cancer treatments reported significantly lower incidences, however. A number of them have male breast development as an adverse side effect. Well-known anti-ulcer drugs cimetidine Celexa and gynecomastiaranitidine Zantacmisoprostol Cytotec and omeprazole Prilosec have all been documented to cause gynecomastia.

They found that the relative risk of users of cimetedine to non-users for developing the symptom was 7. It is a one-two punch. Certain antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications cause gynecomastia, although the mechanisms are not certain. Dopamine also plays an important role in sexual function. It is already believed that by blocking the dopamine, the antipsychotics are responsible for a decrease in sex drive. At one and the same time, though, they lead to increased prolactin from the pituitary, which, again, leads to breast development.

Tricyclic antidepressantsmore in fashion before the Prozac heralded the arrival of the SSRIs, can also cause male breast growth. It is believed that they, too, stimulate prolactin production. Even anti-anxiety medicationsparticularly diazepam best known as Valium pose a risk factor. Calcium channel blockers prevent calcium from entering celexa and gynecomastia of the heart and blood vessel walls, resulting in lower blood pressure.

Bythe U. Food and Drug Administration had already received 31 reports of gynecomastia occurring after the use of calcium channel blockers. Cardiac drug Dixogin Digitalisused to celexa and gynecomastia congestive heart failure and heart rhythm problems, actually mimics the action of estrogen, thereby encouraging breast growth. ACE inhibitors are used for high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. Seven months after initiating treatment the man developed a painful gynecomastia on celexa and gynecomastia left side, and, celexa and gynecomastia, upon discontinuation, both the pain and the enlargement disappeared within weeks.

Despite this celexa and gynecomastia on the part of eplerenone, Dr. She found that "[r]ates of sex hormoneórelated side effects appear to be lower during treatment with celexa and gynecomastia than with treatment celexa and gynecomastia spironolactone. In controlled trials lasting 6 months or longer, the rates of gynecomastia.

Anontelli published a paper entirely devoted to the correlation between the drug and the the condition. In a case summary of four HIV-infected patients taking HAART, the researchers found gynecomastia generally occurred three to seven months after the start of the regimen. Combivir, one of the components of the HAART cocktail, has had many occurrences of gynecomastia as an adverse effect reported by users. A study followed 96 patients receiving chemotherapy for testicular cancer.

What was unusual in this case was that researchers found that survival rates were better for those who developed gynecomastia than for those who did not. In fact, they conclude, although "[g]ynecomastia may occur in adult males after cytotoxic therapy for testis cancer; such gynecomastia. Even beyond the chemotherapy itself, the celexa and gynecomastia for the treatment can cause trouble. The strongest oral steroid avaialble, o xymetholone Anadrol is used to treat the anemia that results from the chemotherapy.

Aside from its usage with cancer patients, Anadrol is a commonly abused steroid for athletes, particularly body-builders. Tamoxifen Nolvadex is used with breast cancer patients, since it blocks estrogen receptors and prevents calcium depletion and protonix estrogen from binding in the body. This same action will counteract the increase in body estrogen caused by oxymetholone diuretics fanconis syndrome and low iron the subsequent breast development.

For example, in a well-meaning but misguided attempt to disinfect the surroundings of the Hatiain refugees in U, celexa and gynecomastia. A paper Dardick with a case study of the correlation between the drug and gynecomastia appears to be the first in the published literature, but others followed, including a thorough paper completely dedicated to the correlation by Vacque et al. In almost all the cases discussed, celexa and gynecomastia, the situation resolved itself once the offending medication was removed.

If that fails, because it is not a dangerous symptom, many men are content to let it be. However, if they have pain, or are psychologically discomfited by their larger breasts, men may turn to other avenues. There are no FDA-approved treatments for gynecomastia, but, as mentioned, tamoxifen has been found to be helpful. Celexa and gynecomastia have tried testosterone therapy with moderate success. In the most extreme cases, men will elect to have breast reduction surgery. I have been on servreal heart meds.

I have developed breast and hate it!!!!!!!! Please help advise how I can get rid of this phycologically divistating, embarrassing problem that is making my life very difficult to live! I participated in a study for Ability in the late 90s at Core Research Center in Orlando Florida, as an inpatient for 28 days. And I have swelling in my breast. And which drug could have caused the condition?

I have celexa and gynecomastia using Spiractin, which apparently contains spironolactone that can cause Gynecomastia, celexa and gynecomastia, according to this article.

It was prescribed by a Dr over 5 years ago and I have celexa and gynecomastia Gynecomastia for at least 3 years now. I am a blood pressure sufferer and Spiractin was meant to help keep my blood pressure down and it has been working well, but the Gynecomastia.

Hello, I am 25 and suffer from gynecomastia. I was on different asthma medications as a kid and I am not sure if they may have contributed. I am no longer taking any medicine for asthma. Thank you in advance, Josh, celexa and gynecomastia. I developed moobs over the years, and use to be ashamed of them, but my wife of 16 years has enjoyed my mom moobs tremendously, packaging them in some very nice D cups which she loves for me to wear around her when at home.

Due to medication and being overweight I have developed man boobs 38C at the moment. So if you have breasts as a result of medication or for what ever reason enjoy themI do. I was prescribed Omeprazole for acid reflux. It worked well, but after a few months I noticed my breast tissue was enlarging and seemed lumpy around the nipples. I requested a mammogram, to the great amusement of the opperative at the hospital, who was used to seeing breast tissue very much larger than mine. I also noticed that the breasts were quite tender and if I pressed down on the nipples, there was a sharp pain under them, rather as if there were crumpled up aluminium foil beneath.

I had no idea what was causing this problem, but after some research, I discovered that Omeprazole was the culprit. Getting off this celexa and gynecomastia is hellish, as soon as you stop you get massive acid reflux rebounds. I now take a simple antacid mixture, which has allowed me to dump Omeprazole. My moobs have shrunk back to a good extent, but the sharp pain under the nipples is still there, albeit not nearly as sore as before, celexa and gynecomastia.

Opemrozole works systemically, I. A collection of Infographics and data visualisations on various topics in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. Information appearing on Drugsdb.

It is compiled from sources such as the U. Certain classes of medications pose celexa and gynecomastia higher risk than others. Antibiotics A number of antibiotics--although by no means all--can cause gynecomastia.

Certain psychiatric medications Certain antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications cause gynecomastia, although the mechanisms are not certain.

Research has consistently found it to be a risk factor for gynecomastia. From Our Blog The 5 most profitable medications ever produced Are medications safe during pregnancy? How dance and literature lesson plans they assessed? We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information:


Celexa and gynecomastia