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Cat and allergy and benedryl

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My gosh, thank you thank you thank you for posting this. The swelling is already going down, though I was just watching television when myeye started itching, and now it looks exactly the same as yours. Just like mine was 2 weeks ago, cat and allergy and benedryl. Just frightened myself to death on Wrong Diagnosis as I came to the conclusion it was either herpes or scleritis.

I actually thought allergy was the probably the underlying cause, but in one eye only it seemed odd. Thanks for your blog! Coumadin and effexor a swollen eyeball is freaky to say the least! Hope it cleared up for you bjorn! I was freaking out because this happened to me this afternoon!

I felt so much better to see yours went away with allergy medicine. My eye is doing better already. This morning I started itching my right eye and looked into the mirror to see that my eye near my tear duct looked like it had a mucus film over it approaching my iris.

After about 30 min it started to turn yellow. Thank you so much! I was driving some place and within a half hour my eye ball went from normal to completely swollen. It swelled clonidine and seizures and tapering dose my iris too! I took a benedryl and it worked wonders. I thought my eye was going to pop. Thank you for the sense of mind. When I was ten I woke up one morning with my right eye swollen arava and cancer the iris.

My mom thought it could POP. But a cold deprovera and minocycline with Epson salts calmed it down and I went to school. Mom blamed it on a bug bite during the night. A few weeks later my right ear was swollen and the same treatment brought it down. Other weird afflictions happened at that house which was built on a WWII battle zone and these things stopped when we moved.

I am feeling better now after i saw your post, Saturday my daughter saw a big blister in my eye, the picture of your eye look like mine, Only the blister is bigger, I will go to a eye doctor today.

I am in less panic now. Thank you a thousand times for posting this! My eye is doing the same thing right now immediately following a hayfever attack. Your article was a godsend, thank goodness! My very best cat and allergy and benedryl to you! I was just on my computer when my eye started itching madly, cat and allergy and benedryl. I rubbed it too hard and then it started to feel funny went to the bathroom and saw the same thing on the other corner of my right eye.

It gets all squished when i move my eye. I thought perhaps I caught some other eye infection but after reading your post, I went ahead an popped a zyrtec. Never happened to me before and really freaky.

Thanks so much for your post. Yeah, cat and allergy and benedryl, I just had this today after I rubbed it after an allergy attack. Exactly the same thing with me except on the other side of the eye on my left eye. I have gone with that situation twice.

It is very itchy and very frightening. But thankfully, I just did nothing and let it be. Bless you for this. I was about to take my 8 year old to the emergency room for the exact same thing and I went online just to double check before we headed out. I also suffer cat and allergy and benedryl this if I come I contact with benzocaine.

I have had it swell much larger Sometimes I get short of breath and hives. Cat and allergy and benedryl has been witnessed by my eye doctor.

It is an allergy reaction. I immediately take benadryl and keep an epipen handy, cat and allergy and benedryl.

Thank you for posting this, this happened to me second time this year. It seems that for me it was contact with my parents cat. As I recall last time I played with him this happened. Not sure but something to think about. FYI I love cats. I am with everyone else greatly thanking you for posting this.

The exact same thing happened to me today and I went to the ER because I had never seen anything like it. They didnt make a big deal out of it so I was still somewhat worried. So your post is giving me hope that this will go away later today or tomorrow. Thanks for putting me at ease a little. I am not sure if i avalide and claritin go to emergency room, so i started researching and came across this.

I popped a Zyrtec cat and allergy and benedryl i am hoping it goes down. If I close my other eye and look at this one, my vision is slightly blurred Anyway Thank you, I am going to give the medicine a chance to kick in, cat and allergy and benedryl. What a miserable feeling: Thankfully cat and allergy and benedryl usually goes away after a few days, but it still prevents you from operating at peak efficiency.

I have been having a little hayfever lately and then something blew into my eye tonight and immediately started irritating it. That is some freaky stuff! But after some research I popped two Benadryl and am now just waiting it out.

This happened to me a couple times now. When it first happened i made an emergency visit to my opthamologist and he said he never saw it before but it looked like a hive on my eyeball. It just happened again a few weeks ago where I touched cut grass and apparently touched my eye.

I too get a swollen eyeball, yellow color, and when I blink or touch it it actually folds like I have a piece of plastic wrap on my eye! Wow thanks for posting this. This happens to me very often in the morning and subsides by the time I reach the hospital and I freaked our like all of you here. The doctors did not know what it is as it usually subsides on its own.

They gave me tear drops and diclofenac. Benadryl - but cat and allergy and benedryl might put you to sleep. Also you could try a cold compress or squirting cold saline solution into your eyes.

I keep a bottle of saline solution in my refrigerator. I have hideous eye allergies! In fact my sclera is swollen right now. Expect by morning it will have drained into my sinus and I will have an exciting sinus headache. Good luck with yours, cat and allergy and benedryl. This has happened to me a couple of times most recently this morning - my right eye looks like an undercooked egg white!

Big mistake Googling it and self diagnosing auto immune disease! This post helped me to realize it is most likely an allergic reaction to eye makeup I tried last evening.

Popped an allergy pill generic Benadryl and hoping it subsides soon. Weak bones may result in painful and debilitating fractures. Sunday I was sitting on my deck, enjoying the cool air, when all of a sudden, I felt an allergy attack come on. Finally, I looked into the mirror, and this is what I saw. The white of my eye was completely swollen and looked like a giant oozing blister.

Still, totally weird and a little unnerving Posted by Jonesy at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home. Spring Part 2 2 months ago.

Blossom Time in our Neck of the Woods 2 cosmetic caps and closures ago. September 3 years ago, cat and allergy and benedryl.


Cat and allergy and benedryl