What if I told you carrots cure cancer?

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Ann Cameron cured her stage 4 cancer with carrot juice, nothing else

Carrot juice and lung cancer

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My name is Ann Cameron. On Thursday, August 1, I got the results: I believe, from personal experience, that carrots can cure cancer rapidly without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes. I think carrots are worth a try for nearly everyone diagnosed with cancer carrot juice and lung cancer the results show up very fast.

I declined the recommended chemotherapy and felt better and better from that date. The oncologist said I had Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the lungs. Later, I learned that the colon cancer surgeon believed the cancer in the lungs was unrelated to the colon cancer an independent development.

His reasoning was that colon cancer, even metastasized, grows very slowly, and the two lung tumors were growing fast. I asked the surgeon about my life expectancy. I was very distraught. I read everything I could find on the Internet about alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. It also said that a few others had told him the juice had helped with a variety of cancers.

I juiced 5 lbs of carrots, per day. It showed no growth of the cancer, some shrinkage of the tumors, and fewer swollen lymph nodes. In just eight weeks, the growth of the tumors had stopped. For the next six months, until the end of JulyI continued drinking the juice faithfully every day, except when I was traveling. Because of moving, I switched to a Champion Juicerwhich made about one and one-third quart from the same amount of carrots.

Both juicers were effective. I made all the juice for the day in the morning, carrot juice and lung cancer, drank part of it, and kept the remainder in the refrigerator to drink throughout the day. Every month or so, when I traveled, I would go three or four consecutive days without juice. A CT scan on July 30, showed no evidence of cancer! The swollen cancerous lymph nodes had returned to normal size and carrot juice and lung cancer stable.

So, you can bring up carrots, or cabbage, or curcumin with your doctor, but even if they are interested, they are not free to to recommend these substances to you. In the meantime, I will keep on with occasional carrot juice, carrot juice and lung cancer, and aim for less meat and ice cream, and more salads.

To reprise my progress: If the carrots work, one might continue postponing chemo as long as the carrots continue to arrest the cancer and, one hopes, eventually eliminate it entirely. I think they probably will work against a wide range of cancers, carrot juice and lung cancer. The effective ingredient in the carrots is falcarinol, which carrot juice and lung cancer been proven discounted diabetes test strips and lancets against cancer in lab experiments with rats and mice, done in Denmark and the UK.

Using carrots or falcarinol, Dr. They have fed the rats and mice what proportionately in humans would be a pound and a half of carrots.

Drinking the juice from five pounds of carrots daily, as Ralph and I have done, is a human equivalent dose more than triple what Dr. Brandt gave the rats. I hope that many people and organizations will help fund her work which, so far, has struggled to find strong financial backing, carrot juice and lung cancer. Best wishes to all for health and happiness, carrot juice and lung cancer, Ann Cameron.

Way to go, Ann! Some health and healing cancer experts would probably view what Ann did as incredibly risky only juicing carrots and not even changing her diet. Readers of this blog know that I recommend carrot juice and lung cancer massive action and radically changing your diet and lifestyle to heal cancer, like I did.

This is also a good approach if you are trying to help someone with cancer who is stubborn and resistant to change. Drinking 40 oz of fresh carrot juice every day is really not asking much. And just to be clear, I am in no way implying that Ann is broke or stubborn. Read how Ralph Cole juiced carrots to heal his squamous cell carcinoma here. InAnn wrote a book about her experience called Curing Cancer with Carrots. My new book Chris Beat Cancer: Get it carrot juice and lung cancer Amazon here!

Check them out here. Or use the search bar to find survivors of specific cancer types. It contains the step-by-step strategies used by myself and everyone I know who has healed cancer with nutrition and natural, non-toxic therapies.

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Carrot juice and lung cancer