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Candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger

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Posted 2 March at The cilexetil part is not familiar to me. Are you in the UK? Anyway have been on Losartan for 18 months and no side effects. Mystery to me that is. Blood changes one answer I was given? I have been on Candesartan for 5 yrs or more never had any side effetcs. My GP did change my meds a cople of years ago as he said they would be better for me not sure why but within days I had joint pains so told them to change me back or I wouldnt take anything.

Since then all ok. I have been on candesartan cilexetil for about 5 years now, probably longerafter trying five others which all made me feel dreadful, candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger. I am now on 12 mgs dailycandesartan cilexetil and trigger finger, which I take at night. Dry cancer research and biostatistics and biostatistical is the only annoying one for me.

I know exactly what you mean as they mostly say, candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger, see you in three months time, but come back if you are not getting on with them. I stuck most of them for the first month with no sleep, harsh coughs etc, but amlopodine, which I named the drug from Hell lasted ten days before I went back and demande to come off it. Then had a fortnight to get it all out of my system before starting candesartan. I believe this to cost more than the others so maybe cialis and alpha agonists that is left almost to the last.

Beware of Bendroflumethide as well ,as though it brought my BP right down it damaged my kidneys! It helps if you are on friendly terms with your GP too!. Candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger i stop it my bp goes up and if i take it i feel bad!

I do hope you manage to find one without side effects , please tell me if you do ,good luck. I think you are right Ann ,think its hit or miss with them and doctors will not believe that some cannot tolerate any!

I only go to the doctors now when I feel poorly. Anyway I wish you good luck and good health. Yes you are right everyone over 60 is given statins as wellcandesartan cilexetil and trigger finger, i have had problems with them as well ,Interesting that the one you were taking was banned in AustraliaI also heard of one being banned in Holland! I do have a machine and the tablets bring it down but i have no life! I do have fibromyalgia and i think it can cause a chemical imbalance in certain people but of course it is not a well known condition in mainstreem medicine!

I do envy you being able to do what you did ,i just wish i could but i think it will be too high wihout anything! I know exactly how you feel I also have fibromyalgia and the tablets escalates the painmy 2 sisters also have it. I wish you well. That is so interesting Ann ,I now live in a retirement flat and no one else here has ever heard of it so i feel a bit isoated , yes the tablets do make it worsebut if i mention it to the doctors they pay no attention ,i have had it a long time but did not consider it bad enough to worry aboutI moved from Scotland to be near my family and it all got worse so perhaps the stress did not help!

Thank you Ann,i would like that ,yes stress is no good for it as i have found! I take paracetamol as well but they ar e not a lot of help ,I do eat some acidic fruit tho so maybe i should change that! I have never smoked but i sometimes think i should start now!!!!! I only drink a glass of wine if i manage to go out for a meal ,,, my social life at the moment is nil! I usually drink white not red but maybe i should have red!!

I do envy her lots! Hi Ann yes i will only have rose wine if i am lucky enough to get out again! When i ws young Mateus Rose was a favourite of mine! I do eat a lot of satsumas as i like them but they are acidic so maybe should limit themi love bananas and black grapes! I take cod liver oli capsules and i also took q10 for a while! Its not so much the food part that depresses me its the awful feeling of being ill all the time and the terrible carry on with tablets!

Your candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger is very lucky , to some getting old is not a problem! I somehow dont think i will be able to not take tablets but i will trymaybe try massage and acupuncture!

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Candesartan cilexetil and trigger finger