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Cancer treatment center and herr

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Practicing Urologist for more than 20 years with practice focus on male health related issues including Impotency and Prostate Diseases associated with BPH, Prostatitis, and Prostate Cancer. Perils associated with Testosterone Replacement.

Medical Director of Prostate Cancer Prevention Foundation speaking to better choices in health care through awareness and education. Author of numerous Prostate related Articles including: Participant Physician in a Vaccine Study sponsor: Frequent Guest of Health Radio Broadcasts including: This may seem like an odd, and rather presumptuous, cancer treatment center and herr, request.

But before you ask, "Why would I even want to send my patients to Dr. S making this an epidemic if not pandemic disease; nearly 35, men die of prostate cancer each year. And SEER data shows that by the yearno longer will that figure be 35, We may die of other causes before prostate cancer gets to us - but in prostate cancer will reign supreme.

Here they are in a basic outline:. Traditionally, we generally look at PSA as a marker of prostate cancer.

The PSA Prostate Specific Antigen blood test, available commercially sincehas revolutionized our ability to detect prostate cancer, has increased the proportion of early stage cancers detected, and is at least partially responsible for the recent decrease in prostate cancer mortality rates in the United States.

But PSA is an excellent marker as a barometer of prostate health. PSA is driven primarily by prostatitis - also an epidemic disease, and associated with virtually all cases of prostate cancer. And the lower the PSA, the healthier the prostate, cancer treatment center and herr. Cellular oxidative changes and free radical formation result from chronic inflammatory states. It is well known that chronic disease such as colitis, cervicitis, gastritis, and esophagitis lead to cancers of their respective organs.

The cancer treatment center and herr of epidemiologists to establish a cause and effect from a correlation, noted with large numbers of patients with prostatitis and prostate cancer, does not mitigate against that relationship. The association of prostatitis to prostate cancer is highly suspected by David Bostwick, M. A PSA of greater than or equal to 1 minimally indicates a less than healthy prostate.

Therefore, in this regard, PSA now serves as a barometer to prostate health, and is a more meaningful marker. Data suggests that a new normal for PSA testing be recognized as less than 1.

In a study group of 20 patients, utilizing a nutritional formula Dr. Wheeler developed and patented that combines antioxidants, immune boosters, anti-inflammatories, and beta sitosterols, prostate cancer was suppressed or stabilized in all study participants.

After one year on his own formula, Dr. Most men do not have a PSA of. My goal is to get all men back to the health they had when they were teenagers. Maybe we need to start the story at the beginning. Many people say, generically, that they want to help people and stop their suffering, but I truly wanted to make a difference by going into medicine. Based on failure, after failure, after failure to be able to control cure prostatitis in all those waiting on my doorstep, cancer treatment center and herr, I realized that there had to be something beyond that - that there had to be further thought.

So in I started looking at natural remedies, studying what had been tried over the years, what results had been achieved, how they validated that result. I decided to take a significant amount of money I had put away and to invest in a new path. Wheeler, the product is different - and it proved itself versus a placebo in a double-blind study. And we proved with this particular formula, when we evaluated flow curves, peak flow and average flow, and urinary symptoms, that we had validated our results to be statistically significant vs.

While I was pleased with the statistical significance, I was most excited that my data was clinically cancer treatment center and herr meaning that the patient could see the difference. Wheeler to cancer treatment center and herr he was ready to shake the world?

I now had a solution for urinary symptoms, and improvement in urinary flow, cancer treatment center and herr. Historically, Cancer treatment center and herr is a very old concept; scientific information from Stamey and Meares some 40 years ago showed that EPS was the diagnostic test for prostatitis.

At that point I knew I was on to something, and I applied for my U, cancer treatment center and herr. The patent was issued specifically as a treatment for prostatitis. We already know that prostatitis is a precursor to prostate cancer based on data from the American Association of Cancer Research.

And the only way to prevent the scourge of disease that is prostate cancer is to lower the PSA, thereby improving the health of the prostate while halting the aging process. The connection, he says, is simple: A cancerous organ process is the worst thing that could happen to you; it is the antithesis of health.

There are no Band-Aids for the aging process. It is the number one male health risk. Wheeler is not simply preening when he says, "This presentation takes place at the end of the conference - but it is clearly worth staying for. It could be the most significant presentation.

There is absolutely no urologist that believes what I believe. Yes, I make a couple of dollars when a bottle is sold. What I am really about is changing the lives of all the males I encounter. That opened my eyes. We have to know it well so we can criticize it appropriately. This is about a realization that what we do and what we accept as a standard of care is deeply flawed.

The body must be looked at as a whole. And there is no disease men have that is more compelling or more worthy of anti-aging than the prostate. But do go and learn from him on how to empower doxil and small cell cancer patients to avoid disease.

Nutrition Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Diagnostic Center for Disease Main St. Here they are in a basic outline:


Cancer treatment center and herr