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Cancer prevention and research institute texas

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This process is called commercialization. CPRIT takes its commitment to commercialization efforts seriously, dedicating personnel and operational funding to major commercial initiatives like the creation of the Commercialization Review Council and the recruitment of a virtual management company.

Commercializing cancer research benefits Texans in a variety of ways, including the introduction cancer prevention and research institute texas new products, devices, and therapies; the creation of new, highly skilled jobs; increased economic activity; enhanced state revenues; and reduced health care costs and lost productivity, cancer prevention and research institute texas.

These benefits are realized only when new knowledge gained by CPRIT researchers is brought into the public domain through intellectual property agreements that encourage additional investment from the private sector to develop and cancer prevention and research institute texas new products. CPRIT will judge the success of its commercialization operations plan by its ability to generate commercialization opportunities from academic research and private sector company proposals, to proactively engage industry -- both internal and external to Texas, and to support large collaborative projects like a state-based clinical trials network, biorepository, and a drug development network.

These are ambitious goals, but the State of Texas is perfectly positioned to take on this challenge. CPRIT will continue to seek the input of all stakeholders in order to ensure that Texas implements the best policy for initiatives like increasing efficiency in drug development, improving drug efficacy and enabling personalized medicine. The goal of the Seed Award is to assist startups in bridging the gap between translational research and product development, thus bringing disruptive cancer-fighting technologies to market.

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Cancer prevention and research institute texas