Fungal Infections of the Skin

What you need to know about fungal infections

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Cancer and fungal infections

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Big Pharma billionaire arrested, charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors - NaturalNews. There are very few common threads among experts on what causes cancer, aside from obvious lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol. However, cancer and fungal infections think cancer is largely caused by one thing is a bit too simplistic Turns out, it may not be that complicated. These infections can be brought on by many different factors that alter the optimal state of our intestinal ecology, most notably antibiotics, birth control pills, excessive processed sugar and grain consumption, heavy metal contamination, xenoestrogens, alcohol, smoking, and chronic stress.

These factors, in combination with diets severely deficient in active enzymes and probiotics, have paved the way for the most prevalent fungal infection to take over, Candida albicans. But how does a fungal problem like Candida lead to an eventual cancer diagnosis? Young astutely observed that, "over-acidification of the body leads to the development cancer and fungal infections chronic yeast and fungal infections and ultimately a cancerous condition of the cells and tissues.

Once in the blood stream, they can colonize in certain areas of the body and dramatically reduce oxygen levels.

This is the system used by cancer cells, which do not use oxygen to generate their energy. Otto Warburg won a Difference naproxen and naproxen sodium Prize in for informing the world of this property of cancer cells and that oxygen was their enemy! It has also been shown that beneficial bacteria in your intestine are known cancer and fungal infections direct up to 85 per cent of your immune response, cancer and fungal infections, to release anti-cancer vitamins like biotin, B, folic acid, and vitamin K from your foods and even to produce a compound sodium butyratewhich causes cancer cells to self-destruct.

The Mayo clinic has also confirmed that cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late stage fungal infections. Johns Hopkins found that the drug itraconazole, commonly used to treat toenail fungus, can also block angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels commonly seen in cancers which allow metastases spreading of cancer throughout the body to occur.

Knowing these truths, is it any surprise that cancer is so rampant? How many people do you know that have: Taken antibiotics or any other prescription medication Used birth control pills Eaten non-organic foods, high cancer and fungal infections sugars, grains especially gluten and starches like potatoes Have metal dental fillings and have been vaccinated exposed to mercury Consumed foods and beverages out of plastic containers Drank beer, wine, or hard alcohol regularly Consumed caffeine on a daily basis Smoked cigarettes Live with chronic underlying stress Any ONE of these things can facilitate Candida overgrowth, and in many cases people are dealing with at least 2 or 3 of these from their history.

It can take years of a lifestyle change that completely avoids the factors listed above and more and a diet rich in enzyme and probiotic rich foods to completely eliminate Candida. If you want to avoid the runaway train that is cancer, there is not doubt that you need to at least avoid a Candida overgrowth. To understand the symptoms, do a simple at home test, and get advice on how to get it under control, check out Candida Infection? Try the Spit Test! As a result of this rewarding journey, he now spends his time writing, coaching, and educating thousands of people each month who want to enjoy similar results under their own direction.

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Cancer and fungal infections