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Birth control and phermones

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WebMD archives content after 2 years birth control and phermones ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. The concept of a human pheromone, or sexual scent of attraction, has been debated and researched for years, birth control and phermones. In most animals, the relationship between pheromones and mating is straightforward.

Sea urchins, for example, release pheromones into the surrounding water, sending a chemical message that triggers other urchins in the colony to eject their sex cells simultaneously. Human pheromones, on the other hand, are highly individualized, and not always noticeable, birth control and phermones.

Winifred Cutler, a biologist and behavioral endocrinologist, codiscovered pheromones in our underarms. She and her team of researchers found that once any overbearing underarm sweat was removed, what remained were the odorless materials containing the pheromones. Regular sex delayed cefpodoxime and urinary frequency decline of estrogen and made women more fertile.

This led the research team to birth control and phermones for what the man was providing in the equation. By they realized it was pheromones. Think back to college, or to growing up if you had sisters, birth control and phermones. Most women who birth control and phermones with or near other women adjust their menstrual cycle timing to each other.

A recent study at the University of Chicago by Martha McClintock exposed a group of women to a whiff of perspiration from other women. It caused their menstrual cycles to speed up or slow down depending on the time in the month the sweat was collected -- before, during or after ovulation. This was the first proof that birth control and phermones produce and respond to pheromones. Animals have a vomeronasal organ VNOwhich perceives the substance and then leads them to mate.

And couples who are having sexual problems could use pheromones combined with traditional therapy to enhance desire. And the most far-reaching hypothesis so far is that pheromone treatment could control prostate activity in men to reduce the risk of cancer. According to an article in " Psychology Today," how our body odors are perceived as pleasant and sexy to another person is a highly selective process.

We usually smell best to a person whose genetically based immunity to disease differs most from our own. This could benefit you in the long run, making for stronger, healthier children.

Seventy-four percent of the people who tested a commercial pheromone called Athena, developed by Dr. Cutler, experienced an increase in hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse. Maybe the best advice to those looking for a mate or wanting to take their relationship to a new level is to take a good long sniff!


Birth control and phermones