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Been taking benadryl two times everday for a month to relieve the stinkin severe itch. Trying hard to go by a day not taking it but its not happening. Has anybody been using benadryl for a long time? Yes, you can have some sleep issues when you stop, if you normally take it in the evening. Dry mouth, dry eyes and the usual stuff from the normal doses. I take 50mg benadryl every night. Have been taking benadryl and vytorin for 10 plus years.

My doc says this is OK to keep taking. I take Benedryl once a day, during the day, but at night I take Piriton which is another anti-histamine but a drowsy one to help me sleep at night. This combined with magnesium benadryl and vytorin effective for sleep. No side effects to date. I had itchy skin about 3 months ago and my derm put me on this tiny pinkish colored pill starts with H cant recall the name it helped. When I find bottle I will post it. I use some good evening primrose oil and then do a light spray with topical benedryl.

It does help me and then I do not have to take a drug, benadryl and vytorin. Benadryl is an antihistamine that is used to manage symptoms of itching in allergic reactions, benadryl and vytorin.

In cholera and doxycycline hospital setting I administered diphenhydramine most often for transfusion reactions.

Some patients used it benadryl and vytorin sleep, benadryl and vytorin, because one of the side effects of the drug is drowsiness. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, not an allergic reaction. Benadryl has a long list of side effects and drug interactions. Benadryl and vytorin Anklepain, I took Benadryl for many years, in order to help me sleep at night and also for sinus relief.

I thank you for your information. I am also concerned about Alzheimer Disease, benadryl and vytorin. My mother is currently in the nursing home with it. She did not take Benadryl or anything else for sleep.

However, for about 20 years she took statins. I did read your suggested article from the Web MD and it was shocking to say the least. God knows, so many people are on all of those drugs, today. I just have to keep in prayer about it and I am going to try to stay away from Benadryl, from now on. Again, thanks for the information. Maybe, I should start on Ginko??? There is a Benadryl cream that can be purchased for using it topically on occasion when the itch is troublesome and you choose not to use internal Benadryl medicines.

My doc prescribed atarax. I take it every night. I also use it to suppress hives I developed from metho. I use Melatonin, which is a hormone that we lose as we age. You can take it in as a cooked itembut any fried in oil is not suitable. In addition you may consume one goose berry daily- in any form. These have medicinal properties. Additionally turmeric cream, benadryl and vytorin, benadryl and vytorin vera gelalmond oil, vitamin E oil are there for benadryl and vytorin topical application, benadryl and vytorin.

You may also use cod liver oil containing omega 3 fatty acids -as capsules. Eat any food items that has anti-oxidant properties. All are more beneficial to reduce symptoms of various skin infections like psoriasis.

I tried melatonin and I ended-up, in the bathroom for almost two days. Because it IS a hormone, I think that some people are benadryl and vytorin to it.

I have heard that evening primrose oil is good Coconut oil is great stuff. It is true that it is greasy but it sure makes a huge difference. I use it on my face at night and have used it on my feet sometimes and I also have used udder balm. You might try Aveeno Skin Relief moisturizing lotion. It "relieves itchy, extra dry skin. Moisturizes for 24 hours.

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Benadryl and vytorin