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Banana allergy is one of the food allergy found in nearly 0. Some people might find food allergy symptoms to be little uncomfortable, but not severe and for others, these can be terrific and can even be life-threatening. Although it is not very common, but there is the potential of banana allergy to lead banana allergy and latex anaphylaxis.

Some important information on banana allergy, its causes, symptoms, and treatments are discussed in the following lines. Food allergies of any kind are usually caused due to an allergy to certain proteins. Those who suffer from nut allergies and other food allergies are usually not allergic to the food material, but the proteins present in them. Like all food allergies, banana allergy is also caused due to a protein is known as chitinase. Chitinase often causes the immune system of the body to react in an unfavorable manner.

This is a type 1 allergy caused by contact with bananas. People who have a banana allergy may also be allergic to kiwifruit and avocado because the protein chitinase is also present in these other fruits. Today, bananas are a very popular fruit all over the world. Since it is not a banana allergy and latex fruit, bananas are available all through the year. Banana allergy is not a very common disorder. A lot of people who claim to be allergic to bananas in fact only have intolerance towards the fruit.

There are certain amines in bananas which cannot be digested by those who have a weak and sensitive digestive system. The enzyme called diamine oxidase, which is used to digest these amines may be absent in certain individuals. Such people are not able to break down the proteins in bananas and therefore have allergy type reactions which banana allergy and latex often mistaken for the actual banana allergy.

Intolerance to the vaso-active amines can cause severe reactions which seem a lot like allergic reactions. Histamine, serotonin and dopamine are some of the vaso-active amines that may produce symptoms of allergic reactions.

Kids with banana allergy can outgrow them, but people who develop this as adult should avoid banana allergens for the rest of life. Some of these symptoms are:. Though these symptoms are usually mild, in certain cases, the amount of bananas ingested can increase the severity of the attack. Banana allergy is caused due to the adverse reaction by the immune system of the body to bananas or foods containing banana.

Though, banana allergy is rare, but, if its serious reactions have occurred, it can be life-threatening.

The immune system of the body produces immunoglobulin E, an antibody, and histamine in response to combat the allergen. Some specific symptoms seen in this allergy can be countered with the following preventive measures:. If you observe that consuming banana has triggered to some allergic reactions in the body, then it is better to avoid the fruit.

Completely avoid raw banana and foods containing raw banana like milkshakes, banana allergy and latex, However, many people can tolerate cooked banana, such as in cakes. This is because proteins causing a reaction are deactivated while cooking, banana allergy and latex. Due to cross-reactivity, people who allergic to latex, avocado, kiwi, chestnut, melon and various pollens are asked if they ever had issues ingesting banana.

A banana free diet is recommended unless consumption of banana is reported with perfect tolerance. Over the counter antihistamines: If you have a mild reaction, you can take over the counter antihistamines that will help relieve the symptoms like itching and hives.

If you have encountered serious complications, then you claritin for hives and pets seek emergency help. Your doctor will give an epinephrine shot which will help counter the serious reactions caused due to banana allergy. A medical help provider will perform skin prick test which will determine the reaction to a particular food.

A tiny amount of a chemical is pricked into the skin with a needle. If a person is allergic to that particular protein, a bump is raised on the skin. Another important examination is blood test which helps measure the response of the immune system to a particular food. This test measures the amount of Immunoglobulin E antibodies in the bloodstream. Banana allergies and ragweed allergies are closely related to, the immune system treats some proteins in ragweed pollen and banana as similar.

Hence, it triggers similar symptoms to both ragweed and banana. This is the reason why people with ragweed allergies can sometimes develop allergies to banana. This kind of allergy comes under oral allergy syndrome, in which is a person is allergic to both pollen and fruits, banana allergy and latex, or vegetables etc. Banana allergies and latex allergies are closely related as certain allergy-triggering proteins present in a banana are also present in latex.

One such protein is chitinase, banana allergy and latex, found both in banana and latex. This phenomenon of being allergic to both latex and banana is known as a latex-fruit syndrome. Food allergic people should be always cautious about what they are eating whether inside or outside the home, banana allergy and latex. Always read the labels of packaged foods if they contain any allergen to avoid the allergic conditions.

Hi and thanks for this info. I am allergic to Bananas too. However I show none of the the symptoms you mention. Id like to share my association with the fruit. Ever since I was 7 I have been allergic to the fruit I am now 51 and I still do not eat the fruit. Itching because of Urticaria all over the body. Eyes itch to the point of being unbarable I develop banana allergy and latex temreture of plus and I am bed-ridden for 3 days.

Since I was a child I could not withstand bananas. Especially tempting were those with the starting little brown spots. I would eat per day, and thought they were very healthy for me.

The outbreak disappeared, for a long while, yet, in spite of avoiding the chocolate and the Avocado, my eyes never stopped itching, banana allergy and latex, very bad. It took a good flu to finally get that very itchy throat and discover that a banana would trigger the very violent cough.

Now, the first time after years of search after the itchy eye trigger, I stay away from my favorite bananas and — my eyes are perfect and no cough at all. I never wanted to believe that I could be intolerant to banana.

I am lactose and gluten intolerant, and know it for many years. So, no backing goods thank God, it keeps me slim: I never take any medications for any intolerance or illness, I simply stay away.

I recently developed an allergy to something…, banana allergy and latex. I am wheat interlorent too so my digestive system is weak so I have a popular collection for various stomach issues. For years I have liked them, and Banana allergy and latex thought bananas were the perfect fruit. Mine went from headache, to that and nausea, to a full blown attack. I get banana allergy and latex, diarrhea, a horrible banana allergy and latex, an my heart feels funny, banana allergy and latex.

I have known that I was intollerant to bananas for year: In less then and hour all symptoms were gone, banana allergy and latex. I now carry an epipen and have an apointment for allergy testing. My brother also cannot eat bananas.

Often times when banana allergy and latex say they have a banana allergy it is really a latex allergy which is a natural ingredient of the shells of tree nuts, banana skins, mango skin and avocado. It is best to get tested to see if that is it since latex is used everywhere. I am allergic to latex and cannot eat any of the items listed above. I dont have a severe reaction but lots of itching on my skin, mouth and tongue.

The symptoms lasted for 3 days. At first we thought it may have been a reaction to the sun or to pesticides, but when we were home, banana allergy and latex ate banana allergy and latex banana and had the same reaction.

Is there any cure??? I developed banana allergy a year ago before I ate bananas everyday then one day at 41 years old my feet and hands were red burning itchy and I was vomiting mucus I also had hives all over my body I thought I was going to die ended up in the er I truly miss eating bananas. I was tested with live fruit inand came back positive, I was 36 years old.

I love bananas too, my fav fruit, used to eat them all the time, but now they hate me lol. No cure for an allergy! You have to stay away from eating them…so that means no smooties, shampoo with banana in it, nothing.

I have almost the same reaction you do to banana. My throat swells shut and I am not allergic to latex, avocado, or kiwi. It is very weird and I have never been tested. Are you allergic to artificial banana too?? My brother had allergy to bananas when he was a child about 7. Every time he ate it, his lips, banana allergy and latex, ears, and, I think his face somehow would be swollen so he refused to eat bananas since, that was in the s.

On March 7,banana allergy and latex, twenty days before his 42nd birthday, he read a book about the benefits of bananas so he decided to taste it. He took two bites and gave the rest to his 9 year old daughter to finish. Right away, he started to itch his body and moments later he was short of breath. By the time he was taken to the hospital his heart stopped. The doctor revived his heart. We were so happy that he came back to life although he was in a coma.


Banana allergy and latex