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Deeper Causes of Pain and Inflammation - by Dr. Eric Berg DC

Arthritis and tendinitis correlation

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Tendonitis and Arthritis go hand in hand, so to speak. The factors involved in the tendonitis dynamic are the SAME factors involved in arthritis. Want to get rid of osteo arthritis? Then get rid of the factors that caused it to develop in the first place. Compression of a joint. So what causes this joint compression? Two scenarios that work together so are really excedrin migraine and paxil same scenario. Muscles and connective tissue are too tight and thus pull the joint togetheror said another way, and thus compressing the joint.

When a muscle contracts, it pulls on the tendon and the bone the tendon is connected to, thus creating movement. Over time, due to the Pain Causing Dynamic, muscles and connective tissue get tight arthritis and tendinitis correlation and stay tight er. So over months and years there is a little more, and a little more, compression of the joint, thus a little more pressure, arthritis and tendinitis correlation, a little more grinding, a little less circulation nutrition to the joint itselfetc.

And then you walk or run or type or knit or or or, and the inner joint gets irritated and arthritis develops. Muscles are shock absorbers. Again, due to the Pain Causing Dynamic, over time, muscles get tight and stay tight. So over time, muscles absorb less force yes, there is force involved when you type, knit, etc …. So again, more grinding, more pressure, less circulation, and more propensity to develop arthritis symptoms.

A process of inflammation arthritis and tendinitis correlation a role, of course. Because of the two scenarios above, Compression from tightness and non-optimal muscle function from tightness. You must understand the inflammation process and the Pain Causing Dynamic if you want to understand how and why you have Arthritis.

But it can go the other direction too. Inflammation can cause joint irritation. Tendonitis is caused by both or either of irritation and inflammation. Multiple factors at play, and any one factor arthritis and tendinitis correlation cause the other factors to get worse. Joint pain from physical issues like tight muscles and joint compression? Osteoarthritis is when a joint gets inflammed, swollen, and painful or worse from chronic tightness and compression.

Every single location of Tendonitis ankle, arthritis and tendinitis correlation, knee, toe, arthritis and tendinitis correlation, hip, wrist, shoulder, neck, etc can develop arthritis, because a joint and too-tight muscles are involved. The tight muscles compress joints. Compressed joints grind on themselves.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Rheumatoid Arthritis is when inflammatory factors in the body often systemic inflammation causes pain, swelling, pain or worse in one or more joints. You can have Rheumatoid Arthritis —and- regular arthritis. The body responds predictibly to any particular stimulus.

Tendonitis and Arthritis of either type are not high-tech issues. The basic principles of the cause or simple and predictible. Return to the top of this Tendonitis and Arthritis page.

I kept the cast on except for showering. I had a bad drug reaction after receiving Levaquin mg IV with surgery. General muscle weakness and low stamina ensued. Two arthritis and tendinitis correlation later, I tore at my. Arthritis and tendinitis correlation it certainly can. I promise to use it only to send you The Tendonitis Expert Newsletter, arthritis and tendinitis correlation. This site is for information and education purposes only.

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Arthritis and tendinitis correlation