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Aricept and glantamine together

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Experiences Top Medications Vitamins. Did you mean taking both Aricept and Galantamine? There may be a negative interaction between Aricept and alcohol. There may be a negative interaction between Galantamine and alcohol. Interaction between Aricept and Galantamine: There is no known interaction between Aricept and Galantamine in our records.

However, an interaction may still exist. Always consult your doctor before taking these medications together. Popular Condition Searches on Treato, aricept and glantamine together. Discussions around the web, aricept and glantamine together. Aricept and glantamine together found discussions.

My husband was, at the time he went on palliative care, taking a combination of two drugs belonging to the same class as Aricepti. He was having gastrointestinal problems, and his geri and I agreed it might be the galantamineso I stopped it.

Now 2 weeks into the placement, high benifits and side effects vitamin pressure, slurred speech, more nonsensical, aricept and glantamine together, repetative words. Started shuffeling gait, leaning forward. A systematic review and best evidence synthesis of the efficacy and safety for multiple disease dimensions - ScienceDirect Also, some possibility albeit To save money, the VA took him off Ariceptthen put him I have to think this pushed him over, and then the docs at the hosp took him off Aricept again without telling us but he is on again - missed too much, though,but sometimes he seems aricept and glantamine together himself, other times not.

We took him to the VA hospital and had hoped getting him back on Aricept would help, but he got worse and never came back to how he was before. His chart now says he is never to receive Galantamine again and is back on Aricept plus Namenda. I lost my sweetie Mum had to build up the dose she My friends Mum started on Aricept recently and she had to have the dose dropped back from 10 to 5mg but is doing well now. If your mum does not respond well to Aricept then Exellon or Reminyl aricept and glantamine together possibly be used instead.

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Aricept and glantamine together