Antibiotic Therapy for Interstitial Cystitis?

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Antibiotics and ic

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This paper does not endorse any of the medications, products or treatments mentioned or discussed. Any medication or treatment you consider should be discussed with and approved by your personal physician.

April 1, antibiotics and ic, I went to my family doctor for a terrible bladder pain and burning when I would urinate. He put me on antibiotics Doxycycline for 14 days for Prostatitis.

I antibiotics and ic back on June 29, antibiotics and ic,Jan. On July 7, I went to a urologist expecting prostate surgery. He sent me to the hospital for a Cystoscope, x-rays and other tests. He continued to treat me for Prostatitis, which I did not have, with Sulfa, antibiotics and ic, which I was allergic to. I was on antibiotics for days in one year, antibiotics and ic.

I went to two more urologists, who continued to treat me for prostate problems and I continued to get a lot worse. At this point I decided to be my own doctor. With another Cystoscope, x-rays and tests, I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis.

The Doctor told me he had good news and bad news for me. I would not accept the fact that there was no cure for I. I think that every organ in my body will heal itself with the proper medication, diet, lifestyle and time with few exceptions. I would not take any of the medications to help me tolerate Interstitial Cystitis or hide the pain, antibiotics and ic. I was only interested in the cause and the cure for Interstitial Cystitis.

I thought I got some relief 8 or 10 days after I had a Antibiotics and ic treatment that seemed to help for 2 or 3 weeks, and I would start into a relapse again. I have kept a voiding diary of the time of day and volume of my trips to the bathroom since Nov.

During my last relapse, Aug, antibiotics and ic. I go to the bathroom NOW 5 times during the day with ounces of volume and 1 trip at night with ounces of volume and with no pain.

I should probably drink more water. My prostate may be part of my problem at night. I do delay my trips to the bathroom as long as I can with the hopes of stretching my bladder, but it did not help until I got rid of the pain and urgency. It hurts me to talk to and read about so many young people with I. I worry most about women years old who are trying to work, raise a family, keep house, hold a marriage together and have accepted the fact that they are going to have to live with I.

I have not used the word cure for YOU because I do not know how you would define cure, antibiotics and ic. I consider myself cured, but if you define cure as a program that will cure every case of Interstitial Cystitis including all the related problems, it will be impossible to find. I think I may be very near a typical Interstitial Cystitis patient without the complications. If a cure is defined as a major contribution that helps a antibiotics and ic of I.

If we can cure the typical Antibiotics and ic. I went to my urologist for a DMSO treatment. She thought I might have a slight prostate infection and she gave me a prescription for an Antibiotic Doxycycline, 2 a antibiotics and ic for 14 days.

I asked my doctor for a prescription for Nystatinu tablets. She prescribed enough for 2 a day for 15 days and I went into remission for 4 to 6 weeks. I could not put it all together, but it was my first hope for a cure for my Interstitial Cystitis. Since my Doctors did not have many answers to my problem, they were very good about giving me prescriptions I asked for.

In early I started on a long term Antibiotics, Nystatin and Acidophilus treatment program, but I had so much reaction to some of the Antibiotics, I would go on and off the program every month or two for a year and a half. My routine would be to get a DMSO treatment, go on Antibiotics and Nystatin for 14 days, and I would go into remission for a few weeks and then start into a relapse.

I stayed on the Acidophilus all the time. I have been in extended remissions and relapses several times since then. I learned a little bit from each one, but I could not put it all together for a cure. If my experience sounds too simple, I am happy about that. For me it was cheap, I did not have to consider surgery or any radical treatment and my only side affects were a few days of flu antibiotics and ic symptoms when I first started the Nystatin.

I will try to explain step by step the events that led up to the success I have had treating my Interstitial Cystitis. Through some very unusual circumstances and luck, I accidentally found the relief for MY I. Since I thought I had some infection I started on the same routine that I had used a number of times before.

I started on 2 Doxycycline and 2 Nystatin a day. I had done this antibiotics and ic with no problems, but this antibiotics and ic I broke out with the hives. I quit the Doxycycline and Nystatin for about a week. I still have no idea if it was the combination that caused the hives or something else.

I have never had the hives more than 2 or 3 times in my life. I noticed an unusual improvement on the 12th and 14th days after I started the treatment. My big improvement started Oct. I am still on Nystatin, Jan, antibiotics and ic. I wonder if I should have stayed on 2 Nystatin a day for 30 or 60 days, antibiotics and ic.

Some people take higher doses, antibiotics and ic, but your doctor should make that decision, antibiotics and ic. I will try to explain why you may want to discuss this idea with your doctor and why it may have been overlooked for so antibiotics and ic. If you do not have a vaginal yeast infection, the biggest problem you may have is to convince your Doctor that you have an Intestinal or Bladder-Yeast infection.

The next big problem may be for you to convince yourself that you may have a yeast or fungus problem. I had no obvious sign whatever of an intestinal or bladder yeast infection, antibiotics and ic, and if there is a test for intestinal or bladder yeast antibiotics and ic, l do not know about it.

If you had a vaginal yeast infection, I would guess your Doctor might prescribe antibiotics and sleepiness short term Anti-Yeast treatment. In a few days you would be better and that would be the end of the treatment.

If you can convince your Doctor that you have an intestinal or bladder fungus or yeast infection, I think it might be normal for him or her to put you on a short-term anti-yeast program, antibiotics and ic. I wish I antibiotics and ic tell you how long it will take, but I feel I am getting close on Jan. I asked my pharmacist how long I could take 2 Nystatin,u a day on a prolonged basis and she could see no problem, for several months, antibiotics and ic, but be sure you ask your doctor or your pharmacist.

If you have a problem getting a prescription for Nystatin for extended use, antibiotics and ic, check with your pharmacist, or there is a lot of information on the internet on Nystatin for prolonged use. Nystatin also comes in powder and liquid forms. Crook that I refer to often. He explains Candida Albicans or Fungus-Yeast infections and a lot of the ways they can affect your health.

There is one chapter on Interstitial Cystitis. He has an excellent explanation of the die off reaction that causes you to feel like you have some flu symptoms the first few days after you start the Anti-Yeast treatment. This book is available in most libraries. I know several people who consider their I.

Were the Antibiotics I was taking creating a need for the Anti-Yeast treatment and delaying my hopes for a cure? If anyone can work out a plan with their doctor and enjoy the success I have had, I will be very happy for them.

If I sound enthusiastic, it is because it is a new experience for me to be able to go to a wedding or a funeral without having to wear a diaper. It is also nice to be able to ride in a car for 2 or 3 hours without continually looking for a rest room or rest area.

I do not have to keep a urinal in the car anymore. Diet seems to be a problem for each individual to work out, but a low sugar diet is usually recommended for yeast problems. I was on Nystatin, 1 a day until May 7, I have not been on medication of any kind for I. If it is not possible for you to get a DMSO treatment, and if your Doctor refuses to prescribe Nystatin or some other Anti-Yeast medication, you may want to go to your health food store and work out the best Anti-Yeast program you can.

To analyze my I, antibiotics and ic. When I got rid of the yeast, and let my bladder heal, I got rid of the I. I will remind you that I did not have any obvious sign of any kind that I had a yeast infection. Wait until your bladder heals. I know how to work for the cause and cure, but it can be expensive. I would hope a clinical trial antibiotics and ic be a first step toward a CURE. Were you on an birth control and high blood pressure use of Antibiotics before you were diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis?


Antibiotics and ic