Horrible Diaper Rash from Amoxicillin.... ideas please!

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Antibiotics and diaper rash

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Does anyone have a "magic" cure that has worked on a bad diaper rash for your baby? My daughter is on day 3 of 10 of Amoxicillin for an ear infection and has developed loose stools from it, resulting in a horrible diaper rash. She is more miserable from this than from the ear infection. Right now I have her rolling around naked to dry it out but need some ideas to relieve her with a diaper on You can put a little Epsom salt in her bath water and the bum soak.

Coconut oil works wonders. And grape seed oil will heal the skin quickly. My son is on it for antibiotics and diaper rash ear infection too. I started him on probiotics the same day as the anti biotic. I think the antibiotics can give them a yeast rash.

Also my sister swears by Arbonne diaper rash cream. I always put baking soda in the bath water as soon as I start to see irritation. Also start a probiotic.

It should be taken baxter international strategic focus and plan few hours before or after the antibiotic but not at the same time. Regular diaper creams will do nothing for it. We just dealt with the same situation. Hope it heals up quickly! I tried a slew of things, but the best thing for us ended up being a combo of air time and Aquaphor I take a waterproof pad and opened diaper under her for a long tummy time session.

Then we slather on a thick coat of aquaphor at every diaper change. The barrier to her more acidic poop makes a big difference. Also- we use a natural probiotic to help her digestive system recover, antibiotics and diaper rash. My son had a terrible rash all over his body from amoxicillin.

Dr had to put him on another antibiotic and baby Zyrtec to clear it up. Also he was put on desodine and another skin cream. I would definitely see the dr. My daughter was allergic to amoxicillin as well and has developed a terrible antibiotics and diaper rash rash. It made a difference in a matter of hours! Antibiotics cause yeast infections in babies just like adults. When my 2 older kids got diaper rashes especially the red sunburn looking type of rash their doc suggested a mixture of Vaseline and monistat cream.

Worked like a dream! Thanks for all of the suggestions ladies! So far nothing is making it better, I lathered her up with some Arbonne diaper cream before bed so hopefully that helps.

It looks more like a burn. Hopefully we can just spend the day naked tomorrow! This truly works the best. I do use triple paste before bed.

Desitin during the day. Dr Bordeaux butt paste, and a and d ointment as well. Just remembered my oldest son he is 23 so please forgive the lapse in memory LOL had a horrible burn like rash that we could not get rid of and oh the pain that poor child had when he peed or pooped. We finally learned he was lactose intolerant. Thanks for all of the suggestions! My son gets BAD diaper rashes. The only cream that works if the Teddy brand superstore extra strength.

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Antibiotics and diaper rash