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Animation lesson plan and middle school

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Let us know if you have any questions. Please contact us with any questions. See more on Mr. As with many great collaborations, I initially worked with one of my colleagues to bring this idea to fruition. Each year I tweak or change something to make the project more successful for my students.

Of course, this is just a starting point. Animation lesson plan and middle school and adapt these steps to fit your teaching style, timeline, and students. Choose a theme…or not. Use YouTube, Pinterest, or a bookmarks folder to help you organize! Make a list of what materials you will make available to students.

Consider everyday materials like markers, crayons, animation lesson plan and middle school, scissors, and glue. I also provide my students with poster board, construction paper, and modeling clay.

Familiarize yourself with iMotionanimation lesson plan and middle school, and prepare a mini-lesson where you make a short video as a demo for your students. The worksheets I reference in the list below are grouped as a packet for downloading.

I recommend printing off a large number of each page. Each student and group will use a varying number of these worksheets throughout the unit. I have my students check in with me after each step so that I can ensure that they are on track.

Before they can start to build their sets, they pitch me their movie idea! This step makes for a fun check-point. Doing stop-motion in the art room is a big undertaking. Have an iMotion exploration day so students can familiarize themselves with the app and the stop-motion process. This year, we chose to do movie awards, animation lesson plan and middle school. I hope they work in your room as well!

Power Point Presentation You can download the PowerPoint presentation that I use to introduce the lesson by clicking the image below. It contains a brief animation lesson plan and middle school of stop-motion animation, key vocabulary and more!

Packet Here is a packet that includes worksheets, storyboard tools, and rubrics. Below is a list of my favorite stop-motion examples to show my animation lesson plan and middle school. As always, preview them yourself to determine if they are appropriate for your students, animation lesson plan and middle school. Students get extremely excited about this unit. So much so, that many begin to make these animations outside of the art room.

Encourage them to share these. Do you do animation with your students? What depo provera and vaginal bleeding YOUR helpful hints? What videos would you add to the list of examples? Alecia is an elementary art teacher in central Iowa who is passionate about teaching and reaching her students with an innovative and meaningful arts education.

My elementary students love seeing these. That way they play one after another without me having to fiddle around finding them on the internet, animation lesson plan and middle school. I did an animation project with my 8th graders last year using iMotion and found it to not be user friendly.

For example, if the students got up to slide 14 and realized they needed to add a slide between slides 8 and 9, they had to erase all the slides down to slide diabetic and low cholesterol then add the new slide and re-do all the other slides. I struggle with not being able to zoom in and crop the videos, but encouraged my students to work with it the best they could.

I think Nic Hahn mentioned just using a basic app called stop-motion? Maybe that would be better, I might have to try that out! If you hear of another app, let me know too!

Approximately how long would a unit like this take? My second question would be where do you store all of this while you are having other classes, my classroom is already a tight squeeze?

Hi Dawn, It took us about 8 — 1 hour long class periods. My classes were a little pokier working this year though. I encourage them to do around frames and that usually ends up being less than a minute. As far as storage, I stored their flat scenes on my drying rack, animation lesson plan and middle school, smaller 3-D items in gallon ice cream animation lesson plan and middle school with their group names on them, and then found out of the way places for the 3-D sets.

I really encouraged them to do flat scenes and shoot from above to cut down on major set building. I would also look at larger, whole class stop-motion collaborative projects where everyone is assigned a small task. For my fine arts day last year, each class and grade level animation lesson plan and middle school to construct four different sets with coordinating characters the circus, under the sea, robot dance party, and dots inspired by the book Press Here. On the actual fine arts day each class that rotated through was able to make and shoot a small scene.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I taught an art and animation class last year to my 8th graders. It was a semester long class. First the students made Thaumatropes next they made flip books with a minimum of 50 illustrations.

For the rest of the semester working in groups of two they made a stop motion film lasting at least a minute in length. The students needed approximately pictures. They used freeplay music. The results were really great! We used digital cameras, tripods and Microsoft movie maker. The most challenging issue were the cameras and tripods. Next year I am teaching college Ed students a tech for teachers class. Thank you for the awesome information! I bet you students absolutely loved that class!

I cant wait to try this. I think I will do a unit with my th graders come fall! Just finished adapting these great resources for our own literacy project. They can be seen here: I would like to do this with an after-school club, so I might have roughly 12 students. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I need information to start a stop-motion animation club at our school 4th grade. You have wonderful info that will help me launch the club! Thank you so much! So Much to Learn Technology with Mrs. Hi, this is a wonderful source of information. I will be teaching this next semester as an Innovation course at my school. Is iMotion free to download? If anyone knows of other free to download apps please let me know. We will be working with chromebooks.

Thanks for the info!! One of the most comprehensive stop-motion resources that I have found!! The powerpoint and packet are editable and can easily be differentiated to suit elementary through high-school aged students.

Thank you soo much for this. Instant Download You must be logged-in in order to download this resource. Login Create Account Email Address. Click to download your resource. After seeing the potential, I asked myself: How do I do this with MY kids?

Many of the resources listed are available for download further down in this post! Prepare a PowerPoint to introduce the project. Make and print worksheets to guide students through the process. Develop groups of students with the classroom teachers.


Animation lesson plan and middle school