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Common Questions and Answers about Cyclobenzaprine lexapro. So my question is my primary doctor prescribed me 10mg. Lexapro ,20mg omeprazole,and 5mg cyclobenzaprine. Now I take them at different times during the day. And pharmacist didnt seem to worry about it.

Is there anyone else taking the same thing. Feel great, brought my appetite down alot, too. PCP amrix and lexapro with that.

I have been having ALOT more generalized joint pain-- mainly elbows, wrists, thumbs and hands Pain levels vary from annoying to cramping to excruciating It is important for me to explain that many of these medications were prescribed to counter-act the side affects of the primary medications.

I am also on Lexapro once a day in the morning and a Trazadone at night, amrix and lexapro. I had trouble with my mind racing. I weigh the most now I ever did. Am I over medicated. I would like to quit Lexapro I will talk to my doctor.

Which medicine most likely causes weight gain? The Lexapro or the klonopin? I recently saw a Amrix and lexapro Dr. When I had the Rx filled my Pharmacist said I could not take the Flexeril and Lexapro with the Cymbalta as it can cause some kind of syndrome that can be fatal.

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Amrix and lexapro